On October 14-15, an international conference “Without the Right of Return” was held in Kiev, dedicated to the eightieth anniversary of the beginning of the deportation of ethnic Germans from Ukraine to remote areas of the USSR. The event, organized by the Institute of World History, the Council of Germans of Ukraine and by the International Society of the Germans “Ukraine – Wiedergeburt”, was attended by authoritative scientific, state and public figures and diplomats of Azerbaijan, Germany, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. As part of the discussion of the Soviet criminal practice of ethnic cleansing and deportations, special attention was paid to the tragic fate of the Crimean Germans who were forcibly removed from the peninsula in August 1941. In his speech at the conference, the expert of the Association, Professor Boris Babin, outlined in detail the aspects of the legal qualification of these totalitarian regime’s criminal acts, as well as aspects of modern international treaties and legislation of Ukraine on the deported.

The representative of the Association also drew special attention of the event participants to the current policy of the aggressor State, in which Russia, without making the slightest effort to preserve the German cultural heritage and trying to justify the man-hating policy of ethnic cleansing in the USSR, tries to get from the authorities and civil society of Germany the “recognition the Russian Crimea” by blackmailing them with the Crimean Germans, making them hostages of Russia’s imperial games.