Perhaps, the readers who did not miss any episodes of our short story remember that it was officially proved in the documents M.V. Driomov simultaneously arrived in Crimea together with Yu.O. Makhoshvili and N.M. Ialanouzian on the day before the occupation, in 2013. Mr. Driomov turned out to be a co-founder of the company Krymbolgaryugservice created for the family of the former Crimean director L.I. Hrach. Later, Makhoshvili and Driomov reregistered a part of the Crimean business for their own children, and Ialanouzian had done so beforehand. His daughter Halyna Nazaretivna Husyeva had been involved by him into the business much earlier. In the Russian Federation, she was registered under tax number 232008987281, and got a Ukrainian ID tax number 2894521587, too.

Apart from that, according to the data provided by the Register of the Construction Licenses, which were issued in Sochi from 1st January to 31st July 2019, H.N. Husyeva received the appropriate License No. 8268 for the Construction of the Three-Storey Dwelling House with a gross floor area of over 1000 m2, in 2, Ushakov Street. We asked whether it is necessary to have a Ukrainian ID tax number for that. We found out it was not necessary. Our colleagues, however, had written much and already examined all the ins and outs in the activity of such companies as Kyivhydroinvest, South Investment Company, Skadovsk Marine Trade Company, and several others, before the occupation of Crimea. We will not repeat, but we will provide you with extra information on the schemes we did not manage to see at that time. The official data base of the RF court authority helped us to do that.

For example, according to the 2012-Decision of the Court of Arbitration in Krasnodar Krai on Case А32-44134/2011, which concerned TOV Skadovsk Marine Trade Company and was resolved for the benefit of TOV Vita Sochi, a sum of the principal debt amounting to over 11 mln. roubles was paid, under the contract of 2011. According to the similar 2013 Decision of the same court on Case А32-15169/2013, Ukrainian TOV Skadovsk Marine Trade Company paid 880 000 roubles to Russian TOV Vita Sochi.

We told you about those businessmen as an icon only because the above TOV is related to other Russian companies such as TOV Yuzhmolinvest. That enterprise producing dairy uses the coastline infrastructure of the Black Sea Fleet, for some reason or other.  It is strange, is not it? There are also other court decisions. Although, it has already become clear that it is easy to redeem the profits, using the fictitious debt, in order to avoid the taxation and transfer the money out from Ukraine, in general. We also can tell you about the tenth lad who went to swim in the sea. We mean the literature allegory, of course. Meet M.V. Driomov, an influential Russian businessman and official. 

Mykhailo Vasyliovych Driomov (Dremov) was born in Uzbekistan, on 19th April 1951. In 1978, he graduated from Tashkent Institute of the Railway Engineers and qualified. After the graduation, he went to Krasnodar Krai and started working in the construction organizations of Tuapse. Then, he became a politician. From 1982 to 1985, M.V. Driomov worked as an instructor in the Administrative and Planning Division of Tuapse Regional Committee of the USSR Communist Part. From 1985 to 1988, Mr. Driomov was the assistant of Tuapse Regional Executive Committee Chairman. And then, all of a sudden, in Driomov’s home, a ‘strong scent of gas’ appeared.

From 1988 to 2002, M.V. Driomov became a Deputy Director General at VAT Zapsibgazprom in Krasnodar Krai and head at recreation facility Yamal. In 2003-2008, that gentleman worked in VAT Stroytransgaz and VAT Stroytransgazinvest and was a Chairman of the Board at VAT Yuggasification. In addition, Mr. Driomov was a member of the Boards at ZAT Zapsibgazstroy, ZAT Zapsibgazservice, ZAT Technical Centre, ZAT Zapsibstroydesign, ZAT Zapsibgazcentre, TOV Teplogazsystem, TOV NIPIgazproject, ZAT Gazresources, TOV Severneftegazprom, TOV Gazavtocentre, TOV Zapsibgazprom-Trade, and many others.

Mr. Driomov had other jobs but, in our opinion, the reader has already felt a gas scent from that person, and our reference to Crimea where he together with another oil industry worker Makhoshvili arrived in the same plane will not astonish anyone. 

Such business with gas-papa lasted almost till the very beginning of the grand Olympic construction in Sochi. That made Ph.D. in Economics, honored builder of Kuban, and holder of the Russian Order of Merit for Country of the II Degree Mykhailo Driomov correct his business profile.  

On 26th December 2008, Driomov was adopted for Director General of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise called The Southern Federal Centre of Sport Training (in Russian FGUP Yug Sport), which would put on the books the Olympic facilities in the future. 

In mid 2012, the journalists provided the information on the known contracts on supplying the sand from Ukraine to Russian for 125 mln. US dollars. The copies of those contracts are even given in the mass media publications. Besides, in the materials of the journalist investigations, the cost price of the sand extraction was mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the cost price of the sand extracted near Donuzlav was 6-11 hryvnias per 1 ton for Yevpatoria State Sea Commercial Port. At the same time, the private organizations had more powerful motor ships, and their cost price became multiples lower than that of the sea port. Moreover, the state got only 34 kopiykas of a ton environmental fee. Such ton of sand was sold already for 140-160 hryvnias at that time. Such profitability cannot even compared to anything, except for drug trafficking.

As the experts estimate, the Olympic facilities construction required tremendous supplies of 9-11 mln. tons of a quality sea sand. The Russian Federation had a lack of such scopes.  Therefore, several vessels were involved in transporting the sea sand from Ukraine to the construction of those facilities in Sochi, including the previously mentioned ship Pechora. Sometimes, she could transport 3.5 thousand tons of sand per one run without even entering the Ukrainian ports.

Thanks to the new office, Mykhailo Driomov prepared the sport facilities to the 2014-Olympic Games and World Football Cup 2018. To do that, the director general closely cooperated with the management of the behemoth Olimpbud formed in Russia, in 2007. The company had to build such sport facilities as the Palace of Winter Sports Iceberg, Olympic stadium Fisht, Centre of the Sliding Sport Sledges, and Skiing and Biathlon Complex Laura for Olympiad 2014 in Sochi.

M.V. Driomov had personal relations with Vladimir Putin who, at that time, did not go bust. He got Putin’s support, and their relations were officially recorded by the mass media.

The bottom line is that M.V. Driomov was also an Advisor of the Russian Minister for Sport and kept on working as a manager of the FDUP Pivden’ Sport all through the construction of the Olympic facilities while four Olympbud managers resigned from 2007 to 2014, in the last 7 years. 

Then, he was involved in the preparation of the facilities for the World Football Cup 2018. Although, football is football, but Russia cannot get along without judo.  Well, don’t worry! Driomov is in a groove even here. He is a founder of the Social Community The Judo Federation of Tuapse.  

N.V. Driomov and his daughter’s relations with N.M. Ialanouzian’s family can be seen behind the founders of some commercial enterprises. Though, both they and the Ialanouzians belonging to the described ‘trinity of musketeers’ also have a friendly relationship with the family of V.L. Mutko, the former Russian Minister for Sport and Krasnodar native. For example, N.M. Ialanouzian’s daughter mentioned as H.N. Husyeva added Evelina Mutko, whose maiden name is Elodzian, to her list of friends in her profile of the social network Odnoklassniki. Well, never mind! Let’s not retell the story on the role played by the ethnic private smallholdings in Krasnodar Krai. 

It is not the end, however…