On October 14, the Association’s experts Prof. Borys Babin and Dr. Olexii Plotnikov took part in the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights event “Democracy, human rights and security” held in Warsaw and on-line. During discussions on panels, devoted to the inclusive participation in public and political life and democracy as the only legitimate system of government in the OSCE region Association’s experts raised issues of gender discrimination in the Crimea and on challenges of protection the rights and security of politic prisoners’ children in OSCE region. On the sessions of the OSCE conference the key speakers reminded on problem of politic prisoners including the Crimean hostage of Russian aggression Server Mustafaev, mentioned by the conference speaker Mr. Yuri Dzhibladze from the Civic Solidarity Platform. It is forth to mention that attempts of some Russian-controlled “Crimean activists” like Ivan Abazher, to make “public statements” were not successful for some sessions of this OSCE ODIHR conference.