On October 11, relatives and civil activists gathered in Simferopol to support the victims of political repression – prisoners of the so-called “Krasnogvardeyska group”, who received real prison sentences from the fake Russia-controlled “Crimean garrison military court”, up to twenty years in prison for each. On this day in the Military Court of Appeal in Vlasikha Town, Moscow Region, had to solve the appeal against this “sentence”. As soon as the Moscow court granted the lawyers’ petition to admit listeners to the courtroom, the Russian punishers immediately began to disperse the Crimean Tatars who had gathered in Simferopol, to make none of them actually got into the “court” building from where the video conference from Vlasikha was going. At the same time, fifteen Crimean Tatars were “detained to establish their identity” and taken to the “police station” to be “prosecuted” for an “uncoordinated mass event”.

The wife of the victim of terror, Aliye Emiruseinova, spoke about the actions of the “police” in this way: “We came as listeners, this is our legal right. Are people imprisoned for terms of up to 20 years and they want us to come to terms with this and keep silent? This will never happen! It would be better for punitive agencies and government officials to fight real criminals, not women and old people. The repressive system today cannot accept our indifference”. The defense and the Crimean Tatars themselves who received draconian cruelty “sentences” call the “trial” fabricated and associate both their lack of freedom and the current detention of activists with the expression of civil position and public criticism of Russia-controlled punitive structures for repressions against other Crimean Tatars. It is noteworthy that the very examination of the “case” in Vlasikha was postponed, obviously hoping to take public activists and relatives of the victims by starvation. These facts are yet another proof of the racial discrimination of the Crimean Tatars by the Russian “enforcement structures” and “judicial bodies”, which is the feature of the deliberate and systemic criminal policy of the aggressor State.

So, Russian invaders detained on October 11 in Simferopol:

Abitov Alimkhan Alimovich

Ablyalimov Kazim Rasimovich

Ablyamitov Mansur Rustemovich

Ibragimov Lenur Musanovich

Ibragimov Mir Vagif Oglu

Memetov Dilyaver Remzievich

Memetov Eskender Remzievich

Mingafarov Gafur Sharipovich

Mustafaev Enver Seitovich

Paralamov Reshat Rasimovich

Umerov Ametkhan Ayderovich

Urinbaev Sadyk Ruzikulovich

Teifukov Selim Rishatovich

Shikhbadinov Rustem Velitovich

Emiruseinov Reshat Asanovich