On October 5, the expert of the Association, Professor Babin, took part in the First Session of UNEP Science-Policy-Business Forum for Asia and the Pacific (AP-SPBF) held with the participation of a number of reputable scientists and governments’ and international organizations’ officials. In his message to the participants of the UN Forum as part of the panel, dedicated to countering zoogenic pandemics, the ARC expert pointed to the egregious situation of deaths of thousands of waterfowl in September 2021 in the occupied Crimea.

Association’s expert stressed that issues of mitigating zoonotic diseases became too crucial for modern international environmental and maritime law. As a current example Dr. Babin pointed on situation of sudden death of more than 7 thousand waterfowl birds (Podiceps nigricollis and others) in September 2021 in waters of Sivash Bay and Azov Sea.

The epizootic was evidently caused by unknown virus infection and those waters are the key birds’ migration point from Europe to Asia and Africa. But as those waters of Sivash Bay and Azov Sea are the territory of Ukrainian-Russian interstate conflict and de-facto they are the “grey zone” without any real possibility for independent zoologists, medics and other scientists to visit them – the real grounds and possible consequences of such urgent epizootic are unknown and will sure remain unknown, Dr. Babin stressed. So the modern interstate maritime conflicts also must be taken into account on this issue of fighting the zoogenic diseases, Association’s expert added. Professor Babin proposed for UNEP Forum participants more information on vulnerability of Sivash Bay ecosystems, collected in ‘ARC’ current researches.

Our Association notified also more than thirty interstate and authoritative non-governmental environmental organizations about the recent oil spill near the port of Temryuk, which threatened the northern coast of the Kerch Peninsula with its unique ecosystems. This spill occurred from the vessel “Lady Leila” of the “Alfa-Leasing” company of the Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman, who was previously noted in the scandals with the destruction of marine ecosystems, as well as with the financing of dubious projects in Ukraine. This message of “ARC” has already received feedback from a number of environmental structures and it was posted on their web resources.