In 2021 our Association sent more than 20 submissions to the UN bodies regarding the current situation in the Crimea. Some of them were correlated with processes of preparation the official reports of UN officials to be presented on current sessions of the UN General Assembly and UN Human Rights Council that started in September, 2021. Among others we informed Dr. Saad Alfarargi, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development, on the situation with Crimea related issues of climate change in the framework of right to development brutal violations [1]. In our submission we described the risks for Crimean economy and ecology, caused by the negligence of the Russian invaders’ “administration”, including the water crisis situation, especially regarding the rights of Russia-discriminated Crimean Tatar indigenous people [2].

In two new reports A/76/154 and A/HRC/48/56 (“Climate action at the national level”)  presented to the UN Human Rights Council [3-4] Dr. Alfarargi thanked the NGOs that gave the information crucial for preparation of those reports. Also report A/HRC/48/56 reflected the position of the Ukrainian government regarding the right to development and climate changes (Russia ignored the possibility to comment on those issues to UN). Among other, as it was described in our submission, UN Rapporteur stressed that states should respect the claims of indigenous peoples, taking into consideration the impact of climate change on the enjoyment of such rights, and thus preserving their interests, and should seek their free, prior and informed consent in all development processes.