At the end of September, the Russian-controlled media reported that Azucena Torres Mejia Alba, the “ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua to Russia”, had visited the Crimea, including Yevpatoria town. Prior to that, Alba Torres repeatedly came to the occupied Crimea, both before receiving the status of “ambassador” in 2018 and later, for example, in November 2020 – into Kerch.

It is noteworthy that, despite the active coverage of Torres’s visits to Crimea by Russian propaganda, her current visit is even called as “unofficial” even by them. This can be explained by the fact that apart from “working out” the visibility of the “international relations” of the occupied Crimea, in essence, it is absolutely nothing to do for the “official representative of Nicaragua” on the peninsula. In fact, Torres arrived for another well-paid tour by its organizers, which even “Yevpatoriyskaya Zdravnitza” newspaper acknowledged embarrassingly.

But it is worth noting the biography of Ms. Torres, who has lived permanently since 1982 in the USSR and then in Russia. Then the “people’s writer” was sent by the socialist regime of Nicaragua to study at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow. After studying at the Institute, Torres wisely did not return to her socialist revolutionary homeland, but got a job at Moscow radio and later began teaching Latin American literature at Moscow’s ‘Higher School of Economics’. Torres’s Moscow patrons, after such a long career and with obvious tasks, arranged for her to be “an adviser to the ambassador of Nicaragua”, and later they de-facto “appointed” her to play the role of “ambassador of Nicaragua”.

Since the “Moscow embassy” of the socialist regime in Nicaragua is completely retained exactly by the Russian “host party”, due to the poverty of this authoritarian Latin American regime, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry obviously had no special choice “to run for ambassador”. It is noteworthy that the Russian military special services did not find another, less outrageous candidacy of a “foreign ambassador” for well-paid excursions to the Crimea, despite seven years of careful “selection of candidates”.

However, some of the current “international events” of the Russian invaders in Yevpatoria, such as the 25th anniversary of the German Cultural Center “Ludwigsburg” with the participation of the “German vocal ensemble” “Sonnenstral” received an even higher level of theatricality. The fact is that more than 30 years ago, the resort town of Yevpatoria did establish twinning relations with the German Ludwigsburg town . But with the beginning of the Russian aggression in the Crimea, the previous municipalities’ quite lively interaction stopped.

In 2015, only a retired official of the Ludwigsburg City Hall, Hans Johann Henke, responded to the Russia-controlled “administration’s” latest attempt to “celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brotherhood” with the participation of the German side. After that, even “delegations of the German progressive civil public” did not visit the occupied Crimean children’s health resort in the sister town. Apart from the name of the “cultural center” and the cafe of the same name, where “German cuisine” has been poorly imitated for unpretentious Russian tourists in recent years, there is nothing reminiscent of Yevpatoria’s former European ties.

And the “German ensemble” that was mentioned now in the Russia-controlled “official” propaganda is de-facto Yevpatorian one, under the leadership of accordionist Nedim Fazylov. Ensemble is controlled by the “Yevpatorian municipal center of culture and leisure”, which has been performing since 2014 at various “patriotic events” in the main “war time songs”, though for some reason – Soviet ones. Such an anecdotal “German footprint” exhaustively characterizes the “successful integration” of today’s Crimea into the global processes.