We have repeatedly written that “non-governmental organizations”, loyal to the Russian invaders’ regime and controlled by the Russian secret services, receive financial support from the “republican budget” in the Crimea. By providing funding, the de-facto “authorities” stimulate these pseudo-institutions of “civil society” to organize various sports, cultural and other mass events with a “patriotic bias”, as well as to participate in various mass events, held by the de-facto “administration” itself. In this article, PhD Andriy Chvaliuk will tell about the activities of certain structures, which have been assigned one of the main roles in the case of the widespread militarization of Crimean children.

“Crimean regional organization of the All-Russian public organization” “Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan” (hereinafter – “CRO” RUVA) was “registered” on August 27, 2014 in Simferopol [1]. Razumov Alexander Nikolaevich, who is also the chairman of the Central Board of the RUVA [2] and the “co-founder of the regional public organization” “Crimean Union of Veterans of Airborne Troops and Special Forces” “Southern Frontier” [3], is called as its leader. After his election in 1995 as First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the RUVA, the Board entrusted him with the task of “establishing international relations with veterans’ organizations and “Afghanistan veterans’ movements” in the CIS and the near abroad”. As we may see, he “successfully coped” with this task.

In addition to “public activities” and assistance for the Russian invasion to the Crimea, for which he was awarded the departmental medal of the Ministry of Defense “For the Return of Crimea” and by the “medal” “For the Protection of Crimea”, Alexander Razumov is also a businessman. He is a co-founder of eight companies in Moscow and the Moscow Region. For example, he owns 25 % of the rather lucrative Moscow private security company “Polis-B”, which is engaged not only in security but also in private detective work. Reserve Colonel Oleksandr Razumov also has a 40% stake in “Afganets Shopping Complex” LLC. The company specializes in the purchase and sale of its own real estate and real estate brokerage agreements and also shows a stable profit of 7.84 to 9.75 million rubles per year. He also owns 36 % of the travel company “Niagarra” [5]. Regarding this information, Alexander Razumov can be called more a businessman rather than a “public figure”. However, it should be noted that his official business interests are located in the Russian capital, not in the occupied Crimea. Although who said that “civil activities” can not be profitable?

It is no secret that the main form of obtaining funds for non-profit NGOs is participation in grant projects. Therefore, it is not surprising that the “CRO” RUVA website has a separate tab “Grants”, with detailed instructions on how to fill out and submit documentation for a grant from Russian grant operators, i.e. organizations and foundations that work directly with grant recipients [6]. Receiving “subsidies” from the so-called “Ministry of Labor and Social Protection” of the “Republic of Crimea” can also be a significant source of funds. But for this, a non-profit organization must be socially oriented, i.e. be included in a special “register”.

For example, in 2018 [7] “subsidies” from “local budgets” were received by “Nizhnehirsk local district branch” of “CRO” RUVA, “Yalta local city branch” of “CRO” RUVA (Yalta, 40 Blyukhera str., Co-founder Mykhailo Zabrodov Volodymyrovych) and “Yalta local public organization of combat veterans” “Afghanistan” (Yalta, 14 Kyivska Street, and the same Zabrodov Mykhailo Volodymyrovych is its “head” since February 2021). Yes, we may imagine that there were two “competing” “veterans’ organizations” in Yalta at once, and they both received “budget subsidies” for their activities. Whether there are so many “Afghanistan veterans” in Yalta, whether they covered such a wide field of activity, but money was allocated to them for some time.

In March 2021, the “Yalta branch” of “CRO” RUVA was “liquidated by court decision”. Apparently, even the “officials” of the Russian invaders’ “administration” of Yalta came to the conclusion that although the “organizations” are different, the people behind them are the same. Our assumptions are confirmed by the fact that the above-pointed Mikhail Zabrodov was unemployed for a short time. While the “court decision” to liquidate the branch was still “gaining strength”, he managed to sit in the chair of the pointed “Afghanistan”, where he continued his “public activities”.

Following the will of Alexander Razumov, this “warrior-internationalist” is also the owner of several other “public organizations” and business structures. And Mykhail Zabrodiv does not even bother to come up with names, managing both the “civil association” “Peresvet” and LLC “Peresvet”. Therefore, money flows to him from all sides, both from retail trade and directly from the Crimean “republican budget”. For example, “Peresvet”, as a “Crimean regional military-sports patriotic youth organization” founded by him, received 401.5 thousand rubles from the “republican budget” in 2019 for the project “People who do not know their past have no future” [8].

Let’s return to “CRO” RUVA. All regional organizations of the RUVA, including the “Crimean one”, operate within the framework of its charter, which defines one of the goals as the “assistance to state bodies and organizations in patriotic education of youth”. Therefore, “CRO” RUVA is one of the organizers of the “summer children’s military-patriotic meeting” “School of the Young Scout”, which the Russian invaders hold annually in the Crimea [9]. Similarly, together with the “veterans of the border troops of Sevastopol and Crimea” “CRO” RUVA conducts military-tactical tournaments “Scout Trail”, in which junior high school students “learn to shoot with various air guns and crossbows, throwing a knife, topography and orienteering, the basics of survival in the forest and much more” [10]. “CRO” RUVA takes part in the work of “sports events”, as part of the “annual festival” “Crimean Spring” and similar collaborators’ meetings [11].

“CRO” RUVA has 16 “local branches” in the districts of the Crimea, which also carry out rapid activities: “organize support”, i.e. participate for the massive presence during the “sporting events”; hold “patriotic song contests”; together with “militias and Cossacks” (where else without them) hold “mass actions” on the day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, and so on. All this “socially oriented activity” is paid from the “republican and local budgets”. And this is not the only “public organization” created by “Afghanistan war veterans” in the Russia-occupied Crimea.

The “United Crimean Union of Veterans of Afghanistan and Other Local Warriors – Internationalist Soldiers” (“UCUVA”) was “registered” in July 2014 in Simferopol, at 26 Kirov Avenue. Its “founders” were twelve people at once, but in 2019, one of the “founding parents” – Tarasov Sergei Ivanovich, abandoned his offspring and focused entirely on acting as director of the “State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea” “Krymgazmerezhi” (“Crimea Gas Networks”). Apparently, the “commander of the third company of Crimean self-defense”, who received a “medal” for “Defense of the Republic of Crimea” for this, considered that he had given enough strength to “public activity”. His second project, where he was a co-founder, “Crimean Regional Patriotic Public Organization for the Promotion of Civil Society Development” “We are Russians”, was “liquidated by a court decision” in the same year.

At this moment, “UCUVA” is headed by Shcherbinsky Yuri Valentinovich, “Afghanistan war veteran”, lieutenant colonel of the reserve. Even before the occupation of Crimea, Yuri Shcherbinsky actively promoted in Ukraine the “case of the revival of the cadet corps”, which he later continued with the above-mentioned Sergei Tarasov. In 2017, the ‘All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans’ “Fighting Brotherhood”, headed by Tarasov, together with the “Crimean regional branch” of the all-Russian public organization “Russian Cadet Brotherhood” led by Shcherbinsky, held an event for “students of cadet classes” in Simferopol [13 ]. And similar measures to militarize Crimean schoolchildren continue to be held regularly [14; 15]. It is obvious that such active activity is obviously not financed by the membership fees of the “Afghanistan war veterans”. In August 2021, the “Crimean structure” of the “Russian Cadet Brotherhood” officially “expressed its readiness to support “United Russia” in the elections and in the future”. So, soon we will see the appropriate people in the list of “grantees”.

“UCUVA” and “Fighting Brotherhood” are also following the “right” path, as this was indicated by the written thanks received by their “labor collectives” from the Committee on Defense of the State Duma of the Russian Federation [17].

According to paragraph 3.2.13 of the “Statute of UCUVA” one of its tasks is the “assistance to government agencies and organizations in the patriotic education of youth” [18]. Probably that is why the “Crimean branch” of the “Russian Cadet Brotherhood” is listed on the “UCUVA” website as a partner, together with the “centers of military-patriotic education” and “Cossack societies” – seems they could not do anything without them. All these “organizations” have two points in common: they contribute to the widespread militarization of Crimean children and they get significant “subsidies” of the Russian-origin. After all, according to the “Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea” of October 6, 2020 № 635, the recipients of “subsidies” are non-profit organizations that are registered and operate in the “Republic of Crimea”; in accordance with their constituent documents they are “civil organizations, the main objectives of which are to ensure military and patriotic education of youth, training of citizens for military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other military formations” [19]. For these purposes, the “State Program of the Republic of Crimea” “Implementation of state youth policy in the Republic of Crimea” was even created [20].

“UCUVA” and the “Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea” also signed an “Agreement on Interaction and Cooperation”, under which the “Council of Ministers” undertook to “consider the issue of providing monthly material assistance to internationalist-veterans with disabilities of groups I and II”, improving their living conditions and issuing various “benefits”. And “UCUVA” in turn promised to take part in the work of “civil councils” at the “executive bodies of state power of the Republic of Crimea” and “to work together with local governments on patriotic education of youth” [17].

That is, in this case, we have a proven fact that the Crimean “heroic warriors-internationalists” intended to buy, as imitators of civil society and preachers of militarization, for “a barrel of jam and a basket of cookies”. Judging by the events of the so-called “Crimean Spring”, it was these individual “Crimean Afghanistan veterans” acquired by the aggressor-State who joined the “detachments of the civil militia”, supported the actions of the Russian military “green men” and engaged in other assistance in the occupation of the Crimean peninsula. It is noteworthy that these individual “public figures, Crimean soldiers-internationalists” did not even wait for “official instructions” and carried out “re-registration in the Russian legal field” faster than companies and the media were forced to do so.

It should be noted that the Russian-controlled “government” is interested in gaining the loyalty of retired soldiers who have experience in hostilities, as well as committing international crimes against civilians during such “internationalism”, so “administration” does not spare “diplomas”, “medals” and of course money for such “veterans”. The services of “Afghanistan wasveterans” of transferring their “rich life experience” to the Crimean children continue to be paid for by the aggressor State at the expense of “budget funds”, for which a separate “budget program” has been created. The age of schoolchildren involved in “Afghanistan war veterans” in various “military-patriotic events” in the Crimea continues to decline, and the ties of these “public figures” with mainland Ukraine remain a huge unresolved issue. Given the above, we consider it appropriate to draw public attention to these facts.


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