On September 25, characteristic changes took place in the structure of the Russian invaders’ “administration” in the Crimea, namely, the “resignation” of the “republican minister of transport” Evgeniy Isakov. From the point of view of “Crimean politics” it would seem that everything is obvious – Isakov was “brought” in 2020 to the “Council of Ministers” by “Vice Prime Minister” Kabanov with a “promotion”, from the “chair” of Sevastopol “Deputy Head of the Department of Transport”.

Kabanov himself, as “ARC” has repeatedly written, was appointed responsible for the “federal target program”, and now received two months in the pre-trial detention center for 57 million rubles, “earned” by someone on laying a water conduit to the Mizhgirny hydrocomplex as part of last year’s Russian invaders’ campaign on the “fight against water shortages”. Since the Kabanovs’ “clan” is from Sevastopol, and the father of the “deputy prime minister” was responsible for the construction in the interests of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the reasons for the “rise and fall” of the transport manager Isakov, it would seem, are obvious.

But the biography of the “dismissed minister” raises more questions than answers. Isakov is a civil engineer by education, graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, and he made a career in the Moscow design institute “Giprotransmost”, and then in the company “SK-Most”. These are quite serious Russian corporations involved in the construction of key infrastructure facilities, primarily railway infrastructure, including bridges and tunnels. In 2015-2016, after working in these concerns, according to the “official biography”, Isakov headed a certain joint-stock company “Stroitelnomontazhny poezd” (“Construction and assembly train”) in the town of Vidnoye near Moscow. It should be noted that companies of this kind in Russian can fulfill a variety of orders, including key government tasks. In 2017, Isakov fell quite inconspicuously into the Russia-controlled “administration” of Sevastopol, and he immediately got the “leadership positions”. In particular, in 2017, it was he who was responsible for the “liquidation” of the “Sevastopol civil airport”, the need for which obviously “disappeared” in the main Crimean military base of the aggressor-State.

It is worth noting that underground military storage facilities, shelters and command posts, which the aggressor began to feverishly expand and renew, played a significant role among Isakov’s professional interests, regarding his specialty and practice in Sevastopol, in addition to the city’s railway facilities and tunnels. We will also remind readers that, according to Russian procedures, aspects of the movement of nuclear weapons and related logistics are traditionally provided by rail. Therefore, the fact that Isakov has such a civilian-specific award as “Gratitude of the Federal Directorate for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons” does not surprise us at all.

Also, we are not surprised by the “vitality” of Mr. Isakov in the Sevastopol “administration” of 2017-2020, when the successive “governors” Dmitry Ovsyannikov and Mikhail Razvozhayev periodically “snooped” Isakov for all sorts of “flagrant violations”, but it was not possible for them to get rid of Evgeniy Alexandrovich. Obviously, it is difficult to “fire” a person who is actually not exactly your “subordinate”.

Most likely, the “independent blogger” Aleksandr Talipov, who serves the “Crimean authorities”, had most likely complained about the “invulnerability of the Sevastopol gang” in October 2020, after Isakov’s appointment to Simferopol. In fact, Isakov was supposed to be responsible in the occupied Crimea for certain objects of the “federal target program” that correspond both to his specialization as a railway builder and to the color of his shoulder straps.

And this color can be recognized, for example, on the basis of Isakov’s “war” against illegal carriers from Crimea to mainland Ukraine, loudly declared in March 2021 when, for example, the “minister” suggested that “Roskomnadzor” block their websites. We will tell the readers that since this business is impossible without the structures of the FSB and the “border guards” controlled by this service, so it is most likely that Isakov spoke on behalf of someone else who is closer to both “destroyed chemical weapons” and the arrangement of the command post of the Black Sea Fleet under Sevastopol’s Mount Alsu.

Well, now it will be possible to observe whether the Russian military will forgive Isakov’s “dismissal” as part of the cleansing by the “head of Crimea” Aksyonov and Aksyonov-related FSB structures in the of the “Crimean government” from the “Sevastopol men”. Most likely, events will develop here quickly enough.