On September 23, at about 00:30 Kyiv time, a Russian naval ship approached the Ukrainian naval ship “Gorlivka” in the Black Sea area, which was closed by Ukraine’s application to international bodies during the Strategic Command and Staff Exercise “United Efforts – 2021”. Russian vessel, contrary to the established rules of radio exchange, hiding his call sign and belonging, began to clarify the nature of the actions of the Ukrainian navanl ship.

Given that the activity of the Russian large landing ship “Saratov” was previously observed near the training area, Ukrainian sailors took the necessary security measures. Later, at about 10:00 Kyiv time, the Russian ‘border patrol ship’ “Izumrud” with board number 360 began to maneuver in the direction of the closed area, which followed the course of the Ukrainian patrol boat “Slovyansk”. However, due to the height maneuverability of this Ukrainian vessel type “Island”, the ships parted stern at a distance of one mile.

Later, the landing ship “Saratov’ and the patrol ship “Izumrud”, based in the occupied Crimea, continued to demonstrate surveillance of the Ukrainian military, remaining near the training area. Later, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the “Moscow” missile cruiser, arrived in the Ukrainian training area from Sevastopol, demonstrating the maximum level of aggravation of the situation by the aggressor State forces.