The Russia-controlled “administration” of Sevastopol confirmed another fact of banditry, when the case of a gang that stole a Sevastopol businessman in April 2021 for the purpose of profit came to the “city court”. Early in the morning on Efremov Street, the criminals attacked a Sevastopol resident walking with a dog, forcibly handcuffed him, put him in a car and, threatening with a pistol, set off towards Simferopol.

In the future, the members of the organized criminal group planned to record a video message from the victim to his parents about the transfer of funds for release. However, the Russian invader’s punitive structures accidentally managed to intercept the car with the kidnappers and free the prisoner. The attackers born in 1985, 1986 and 1988 were “charged with kidnapping a person with the threat of violence, dangerous to life and health, with the use of an object used as a weapon, for mercenary motives, committed by an organized group”, they are “in custody” now [1].

As “ARC” already wrote, in September this year in the North Caucasus a gang of hijackers was detained, after robbery the “Crimean Post” “office” in the village of Perevalnoye, Simferopolsky District, with two “employees”. Threatening the women with the use of weapons, the bandits demanded to give them all the available money. One of the attackers fired a shot at the wall, after which the “employees” took money out of the cash register and gave it to the attackers [2]. We must note that such cases are not uncommon in Crimea. People are kidnapped not only by “official bodies”, but also by outright bandits. The difference is only in the motives, in the first case they are usually political, in the second, criminally selfish.

For example, last year the kidnapping of a local businessman and construction worker was done by three members of an ethnic criminal group who had arrived in Yalta from Chechnya, and it caused widespread resonance. Bandits became aware of the businessman receiving a large sum of money. After that, the abductors arrived at the victim’s house in Alupka, forced him into a car and took him to a deep forest near the village of Goluboy Zaliv. There the man was beaten, demanding one million rubles for his release. The victim managed to escape, but the torturers were left with his passport and mobile phone. A friend of the victim met with the extortionists on the territory of the Yalta bus station in order to transfer part of the ransom and get his friend’s things in return. This made it possible to “detain the bandits” [3].

And a year earlier in Crimea, the invaders’ “punitive officers” detained the leader and five members of a stable armed group on suspicion of nine murders and banditry who committed crimes with the use of firearms: a ‘Kalashnikov’ assault rifle, a ‘Tokarev’ system pistol, ‘Makarov’, ‘Walter’ pistols and a ‘Kedr’ submachine gun stored in hiding places, equipped in apartments and garages in different cities [4].