On September 10, 2021, from 12:45 to 15:45 Kiev time, unauthorized interference with the GPS positioning systems of three ships was observed, which, under the contract, carried out 3D seismic surveys in the northwestern region of the Black Sea. This information was obtained from the captains of these vessels: the Norwegian-flagged research vessel RAMFORM VANGUARD (IMO 9188714), the Cyprus-flagged tug EDT NIOVI (IMO 9163817) and the Marshall Islands-flagged research vessel RIG ANDROMEDA (IMO 9327528).

A check with existing systems, which reflected the position of the vessels according to the data of the automatic identification system (AIS), revealed that there were no AIS signals from these and other vessels located in a specific sea area. Experts are of the opinion that such illegal interference in the operation of GPS positioning systems of vessel data occurred from the territory of the Russia-controlled Crimea. This impact directly affects the safety of navigation in the territorial waters and the maritime economic zone of Ukraine and creates significant obstacles to the research of the Black Sea by “Naftogaz of Ukraine” company.