For more than a year in the very center of the resort area of ​​Yevpatoria, the “Serbia” restaurant has been operating, promoting itself on social networks as “a unique institution of Balkan cuisine in the Crimea”. And although Russian tourists, who know at least a little about this issue, leave reviews about this institution in the spirit of “garbage feed” and point to the “poverty of the menu”, this institution with carefully hidden beneficiaries remains “afloat” for now. Moreover, “Serbia” is actively positioning itself as a restaurant with a “unique chef” Radovan Milivojevic, who knows the “secrets of Balkan cuisine”.

It should be pointed out that Mr. Milivojevic has been spreading his unique knowledge in the field of working with meat far from the Balkans for a very long time. Back in 2008, he was announced as a chef in Moscow, in a rather pretentious restaurant “Ekaterininsky Palace”, and on the pages of this authoritative “chef” on social networks, you can trace his work in the kitchens of many institutions in Moscow and the Moscow Region, including located the restaurant “Actor” designed at the “Mosfilm” studio for the local “elite”.

What made the native of the Bosnian village of Cerovica and graduate of the law faculty in Belgrade Milivojevic to make such a “career” can be learned from the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in the case of 14-O11-14, 2011. By this act of the court, the cassation appeal of a person who called himself Radovan Milivoevich Simonovic was rejected against the decision of the Russians to extradite him to the authorities of Montenegro, where he was convicted in 2002 for attempted murder of two persons, and in 2003 was put on the wanted list. As it follows from the Russian media of those times, Radovan Milivoevich was accidentally detained in Voronezh in June 2010 due to the “triggering” of the Interpol wanted list, both for the above assassination attempt and for illegal possession of weapons, and before that Radovan was “hiding” in Moscow and Ukraine. However, as you can see from the widely advertised “culinary” activities of Radovan, in fact, he did not hide from anyone in the Russian Federation.

It is noteworthy that Milivoevich called himself in the Supreme Court of Russia as a stateless person and he stated that he was being prosecuted for political and ethnic reasons, that the activity of the Montenegrin police in search of him was allegedly due to the fact that they were “relatives of the victims”. However, this story, of course, could remain a common criminal incident, if not for one “small but”. After all, Russia has never extradited Milivoevich to Montenegro, and since 2011, as it was indicated above already, he tried, without much hiding, to live in the Moscow Region. But then, in 2020, the curators of Mr. Radovan for some reason relocated him to the occupied Crimea and even formed a deliberately unprofitable food establishment in Yevpatoria “under Radovan’s cuisine”.

Thus, perhaps no one will be surprised that the Crimean agenda of the “Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly”, controlled by the Russian special services, will soon contain a certain “Balkan flavor” in the person of the pointed “butcher from Cerovitsa” with his rich, albeit peculiar, life experience.