During the first days of September, Russian executioners abducted several Crimean Tatar activists from different parts of the peninsula. In particular, after “searches” at the places of their residence, Aziz Akhtemov and Nariman Jelal from Pervomaisky (Djurchi), Asan Akhtemov and Eldar Osmanov from Simferopol and Shevket Useinov from Yevpatoria were imprisoned. Relatives and their representatives do not yet have the opportunity to communicate with the abductees.

The Ukrainian authorities have condemned these events, in particular, against a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Nariman Jelal, who has repeatedly taken part in international events in Crimea at various venues. Among other things, the Ukrainian President’s Office in AR Crimea links such abduction to Jelal’s activities at the “Crimea Platform” summit, and the Ukrainian Ombudsman called on the international community to respond to the illegal actions of the Russian de-facto “authorities” and to increase pressure on Russia to end human rights abuses in Crimea. Expert Andrei Klimenko links these arbitrary and illegal detentions with the preparation of the aggressor-State for a “huge trial” over allegedly “Crimean Tatar Islamic terrorists”.

Over the past year, our Association has raised the issue of racial discrimination against the Crimean Tatar People, violations of the fundamental human rights of Crimean Tatar activists in more than twenty submissions sent to the authorized UN officials and structures preparing relevant materials for the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council. These issues are now reflected in three annual reports of the UN Secretary-General and in a set of UN General Assembly resolutions, those challenges have been the subject of legal analysis by the International Court of Justice (case 166) and the European Court of Human Rights (case 20958/14 and others).