Andrey Chvalyuk, Ph.D.

On November 26, 2020, the “Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea” adopted a “Resolution” “On Amendments to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea of ​​April 26, 2016 № 171” [1], and thus “substantially adjusted for simplification” the “regional standards of urban planning” of the “Republic of Crimea”. Based on this document, the  “local authorities” made changes to the “district rules of land use and development” [2], significantly reducing the area of ​​“zones with special conditions for the use of territories”. A “construction amnesty” was also announced, which “legalized” “seizures and illegal constructions”. After that, from the point of view of the Russian invaders, almost all high-rise buildings and “elite settlements” in the Crimea in an instant became “legal”.

As the document indicated, land plots and capital construction facilities that existed before the entry into force of these “rules” and do not comply with the “town-planning regulations” may be used “without setting a deadline for bringing them into line with town-planning regulations”, except when the usage of these objects “poses a danger to human life and health, the environment, cultural heritage sites (historical and cultural monuments)” [3]. Is it worth clarifying that the fact of “danger” will be established by the same “authorities” (persons) who are responsible for urban planning in Russia-controlled “local authorities”. So not the ecologists, not even the “health care authorities”, not the “authorities” of the occupiers responsible for the preservation of the remnants of cultural heritage, but the ordinary “chairman of the city council committee”. Thus, the “circle was closed” and the corruption scheme with the Crimea-located real estate was optimized by eliminating unnecessary elements from it.

According to the “head” of the “standing committee of the city council” of Simferopol on architecture, urban planning and land relations Igor Fedotov, “the rules of land use and construction have become more loyal to the people. Now they have fewer restrictions and more opportunities for more efficient use of land”. In his turn Valentin Demidov, the next “head of the administration” of Simferopol, appointed by the occupiers, noted that the new “rules” were allegedly developed “taking into account the proposals and comments of citizens, line ministries and departments”. He stated that “in particular, the aspects related to the preservation of green areas have been taken into account, the bureaucratic component has been significantly reduced” [4].

We have already written about how the occupiers, without fencing and posting warning signs, destroyed the parks and squares of Sevastopol, Simferopol and Yalta for several days. According to Maria Baranenkova, “deputy director” of the “Gorzelenkhoz” “municipal budget institution”, “money from the special account is allocated only for compensatory landings”. That is, the “local administration” will receive this money only in the event of the need to renew urban green spaces. Acting in the best traditions of their Soviet predecessors, the occupiers first cut down healthy perennials, and now will throw “all forces and tools” to preserve the remnants of green areas. But the main risks to the ecology of the Crimea lie not only in the fight against “urban landscaping”.

As the “head of the administration” of Simferopol Alexey Zakharov reported, “it means a simplification of so-called “doubling” of all moments connected with building and use of territories. That is, so that developers, legal entities and individuals, do not have to once again apply to the administration to obtain any deviations from the permitted construction parameters, which were understated even compared to federal regulations. All these points were eliminated to speed up the construction process” [4].

Usually we look for random reservations indicating the true goals or hints hidden between the lines, but in this case, the “official” of the Russian invaders’ “administration” said directly – the Kremlin curators gave permission to violate “federal law” on building codes, in favor of buildings of the Crimea. This “feudal freedom contributes to the realization of several goals. Due to “legalization” the “real estate market” will be revived, its “speculative bubble” will be artificially inflated, which leads to the attraction of additional “investments”, and the Crimean “republican budget” will reduce slightly its deficit. Also, many “useful and respected persons” who have “problematic real estate” in the Crimea, will now be quite satisfied. And of course the “legalized” housing will be suitable for the implementation of the program of mass resettlement on the occupied peninsula of the Russian population loyal to the Kremlin’s policy.

In his subsequent words, Alexei Zakharov confirms our assumptions: “standards were developed taking into account the role of the construction industry as one of the locomotives for filling the budgets of all levels and financing social facilities” [4]. So where does the construction locomotive of the Russian “authorities” “fly non-stop” in the Crimea? What land plots are already “prepared” for construction? Read about it in the following material, prepared by experts of our ‘Association’ concerning destruction the unique nature reserve system of the Crimea by Russian invaders.


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