In the previous parts, we told you about the business families of Kerch collaborates. However, we cannot put aside the outstanding boatmen of the sea passage and bankers. 

The 1973-graduate of Kharkov Institute of the Railway Transport Engineers got into the list of personal sanctions of the National Security & Defence Council of Ukraine. He started climbing the ladder when he worked as a shunting controller at Donetsk Railway and finished his work, getting a job of the Assistant of the RF Transport Minister Oleksandr Vasyliovych Annenkov and his wife Lidia Vasylivna Annenkova. They were entered into the list not without reason.

Mr. Annenkov has been a great apologist of ‘Russian Peace’ concept since 2000. After he was sacked from his state service, he became Chairman of the JSC AnRussTrans Board with an office in 28 Novoriazanskaya St., Moscow, but a considerable portion (although not a major portion) of business was connected with Crimea and Sevastopol. The article from Kursk Encyclopaedia on the famous compatriot tells us that the company AnRussTrans have 18 ships including 10 ferries for different purposes, 2 tankers-gas-carriers, dry-cargo freighter, and 5 tugboats in their possession.  

The company also are the only shipowner being responsible for the marine area of the direct railway and ferry communication at the passage Port Caucasus-Port Crimea. The company also opened their own ferry route ‘Port Caucasus (the RF)-Port Zonguldak (Turkey)’ in November 2011. They are doing their best to keep that route functioning for occupied Crimea’s sake in spite of the international sanctions. That JSC includes the shipping company Anship possessing 6 sea ferries such as the Nikolay Aksenenko, Petrovsk, and a railway ferry with a humble name Annenkov.

Some sources reported that the Annenkov is an actual owner of four large dry-cargo freighters and six tugboats. The amount of ships can alter. С’est la vie. Its usage is the thing that matters more. For instance, Annenkov’s ferry Slavianin under Tanzania banner became involved in the case of the weapon supply to Iraq in 2007, before the aggressive Russian offensive and occupation. 

The vessel was mentioned by American ambassador in Turkey Ross Willson in the letter to the US Secretary of State and Minister of Defense, which was published in   WikiLeaks. In particular, the ambassador wrote that the Turkish government found bazookas АТ4 and BMPs on the board of the Slavianin as the ship headed to the Black Sea through the Bosporus Strait. They had to transfer them to the ship Oniks being under Mongolian banner. 

The Centre of the Journalist Investigations told us in details about a beforehand planned operation on forcing the state carrier D.P. Sevastopol Commercial Seaport, which was a subdivision of Portoflot, out of the market of ferry transfer and transportations for the benefit of Sevastopol Transport Systems of Mr. Annenkov. Then, all the workers of Portoflot were forced into writing the resignation letters. At any rate, ferrying is the only mean of transportation in the times of occupation as far as ferries could quickly transfer large groups of people between the southern and northern regions of Sevastopol. The Russian secret services were also interested in that.

Another enterprise of the Annenkovs, i.e. the company Anroskrym, provided the work of the railway passage Crimea-Caucasus, and TOV TIS-Krym in Krech was running the passage. They invested one million US dollars only in Kerch seaport buildings. By the way, the former nominal Manager of TOV TIS-Krym Serhiy Khodko even got a Medal ‘For Returning Crimea’ from the RF Ministry of Defence, taking into account his merits of transferring the Cossacks, ‘green manikins’, and defence technology. In May 2018, he suddenly died. It was right after his account about his own heroic deeds.

The Annenkovs’ merits are not limited only with the seaport buildings and marine transfers of the ‘green manikins’, defence technology, weapon and ammunition. Putin himself thanked the shipowner of the ferries in his letter that was sent in November 2019, the Anniversary of the Passage Revival.    

The Annenkovs are the founders of Sevastopol Sea Bank reformed from the assets of the Ukrainian bank Morskyi and reregistered in Sevastopol according to the Russian legislation. It was the JSC Sevastopol Sea Bank and the Black Sea Bank of Reconstruction and Development who provided the financial motion in Crimea after the National Bank of Ukraine closed the Ukrainian banking institutions on the peninsular and deprived the Black Sea Bank its license in May 2014.

Though, the Annenkovs hesitated to break the ties with Ukraine. 

As we have previously mentioned, their group of companies consisted of the acting Crimean AnRussTrans, Anship, and TIS-Krym. The latter is an affiliated enterprise of the Ukrainian company TOV Tekhinvestservice, which, in its turn, belongs to the company Ugtrans terminal LTD in the Cyprus Republic. The ultimate beneficiary of the company is also Oleksandr Vasyliovych Annenkov.  

Why are we driving at? Why all that long business story? We are trying to make it clear what sort of steady place is that in which the money get.

Certainly, you’d better keep it low if you have business in Ukraine. The legal address of TOV Tekhinvestservice: 120, Holosiyivskyi Ave., Building 1, Kyiv, but the check helped us to find out that is the address of a usual nine-storey building. The phone numbers of TOV Tekhinvestservice were recorded in the register and were not served temporarily. However, there are still several companies registered under those numbers and most of them showed us different address: 18, Lvivska St., Building B, Kyiv.    

As of 1st Jan. 2019, TOV Tekhinvestservice had 1 mln. 680 thousand hryvnias of a tax debt. On 23rd Jan., the court arrested and seized the seal of the company. They exempted it during their search on 17th Dec. 2018 and opened a criminal case according to Art. 212 of the CC of Ukraine, i.e. Tax Defaulting. Besides, TOV Tekhinvestservice has owed money not only to the state budget. 

27th July 2016. The Business Court of Kyiv held hearing on Case No. 910/10063/16 and decided to impose on TOV Tekhinvestservice the penalty for the benefit of the Public JSC Incorporated Bank STOLYCHNYI. The amount of penalty was 2.57 mln. US dollars, including the debts of 489.552 US dollars, and court fee of 172.536 hryvnias and 44 kopiykas.

According to the Ruling he same Case, as of 15th November 2018, the Supreme Court accepted TOV Tekhinvestservice if the owner of the Building B located at 18 Lvivska St., Kyiv as well as the owner of the lager part of the Building A, which is at the same street. The value of those buildings was estimated as an integral part of the penalty imposed on the company for the benefit of the bank Stolychnyi. 

It is worth taking into account the Annenkovs possess the bank both directly (Oleksandr owns 6.8%) and through ten companies in Cyprus. Nine of those companies belong to O. Annenkov and another one, i.e. Sundray Trading LTD., belongs to his wife Lidia (99.99%) and daughter Anna (0.01%).

The offshore companies in Cyprus, in their turn, own other nine companies registered in Kerch under the same address. They carry out the similar activities. All of them are the LTD companies. They are Yuviks, Eskort, Imperial, Termix, Odeon, Simkom, Technex, Yaguar, and Yankon possessing the blocks of bank shares, which do not exceed 10%. The other 12% were in the possession of TOV Insurance Company Angarant with their assignee TOV ANGARANT. That block of shares is owned by JSC Sevastopol Sea Bank (over 80.012%). Oleksandr Annenkov himself and TOV TIS-Krym own the block share and share alike.

We do not want to disclose all the relations of the companies formed by O.Annenkov. The above mentioned things are enough to understand the scheme, when there are good organizers of the affairs, and everything is planted and swept under the rug just in case, because who knows what happens next.

We could have told more to our readers about the secrets of banking, sea, oil, and agricultural affairs of the Annenkovs but we are interested in another thing. How did the occupants pay their passionate fans? 

‘Crimean Spring’ has come to its end. Now, it is starting to get hot, although it is winter. Since February of the current year, the Crimean press has started to share the news on the orders given by the State Department Crimean Seaports. They ordered to fire large numbers of workers in Kerch Ferry Passage. They even wanted to shut it.

A little bit earlier,  in spite of the trial lasting to the beginning of 2017, the occupational government nationalized the petroleum storage depot in Inkerman. It was supposed the depot was linked with Annenkov.

Finally, due to the events of the ‘Russian Spring 2020’, in the headquarters of the bank Morskyi in Sevastopol, right at the meeting of the Board, the representatives of the Investment Insurance Agency and Russian state bank RNKB escorted by, perhaps,  ‘green’ or not completely ‘green’ ‘manikins’ who were armed to the teeth. They showed their ‘revolutionary mandate’, i.e. the RF Centrobank Order on the beginning of the reorganization of the bank Morskyi. 

Officially, they brought the interim administration into the bank. Their task was to rescue it from a quick bankruptcy. Although, in his ‘mandate’, the Russian state governor did not specify, which indices exactly indicated the bank Morskyi could quickly become bankrupt.  

At any rate, the government of the Russian Peace so liked by Mr. Annenkov stopped to return the love to him.

The final of the story is, perhaps, unexpected for the Annenkovs. Although, it is a demonstrative lesson for those who count on thanksgiving and privileges from the Russian government as well as the principle ‘The Russians do not leave their people in need’.    

To be continued…