Cost of gas for refueling cars reached 38 rubles 50 kopecks per liter in Feodosia at a gas station at the end of August. Meanwhile, in early August, the average gas price was 22 rubles per liter. This fact of a sharp rise in prices is directly related with the “gas weapon” of Russia.

Experts are not at all surprised by one-stage “massive accidents” at gas fields in Russia, which became a plausible excuse for reducing transit and increasing gas prices on Western European markets by almost five times. The Russian invaders explain the shortage of gas fuel in the occupied Crimea by a fire at the gas chemical complex of ‘Gazprom’, located 28 kilometers from Novy Urengoy, which began at the plant on the night of August 5 and burned for more than a day.

As a result, supplies of raw materials to Russia’s gas condensate stabilization plants were suspended, which provoked a shortage of products on the wholesale exchange. The situation in Russia itself could have been easily corrected by the Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant, but it turned out to be “closed for maintenance work” until October. It is noteworthy that in the Crimea until 2014 there was enough gas of its own production, which, among other things, went to the needs of vehicles.