On August 23, the expert of our Association, Associate Professor Olexiy Plotnikov, invited by the “Crimea Platform” organizers, took part in the expert panel discussions of the event. As part of the discussion, the expert raised the question of the significance of the new interstate application of Russia to the European Court of Human Rights, where the Crimean topic was raised by the invaders, for the processes of de-occupation of the peninsula.

As Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Reznikov noted on this issue, the very fact of filing such a complaint proves the weakness of the aggressor State, which demonstratively ignores and undermines the mechanisms and institutions of the international cooperation, but itself Russia is forced to use them, albeit with obvious abuses of own rights.

Also, on the occasion of the successful holding of the “Crimea Platform” constituent forum, the Association sent gratitude addresses to the representations of states and organizations that contributed in the holding of the event. In this case, the corresponding commemorative special postage was used, decorated in honor of the summit.