Our Association sent yesterday the official demands to all relevant intergovernmental and independent organizations regarding the ecological disaster happened on 7th of August, 2021 when 100 tonnes of oil have leaked off to the Black Sea near the city of Novorossiysk (Russia) from the terminal owned by the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) , whose shareholders include Russia’s state monopoly enterprise ‘Rosneft’, Kazakhstan’s key enterprise ‘KazMunayGas’ (19 %), United States’ oil giant ‘Chevron’ (15 %) and Italy’s ‘Eni’ trust (2 %). Also the mentioned Kazakhstan’s, United States’ and Italy’s companies and those countries’ competent authorities were informed by us on that negative situation.

Our Association stressed in the submission that even Russian ecologic activists pointed already that the ground of this disaster has its roots exactly in the economic policy of the CPC, which reduced the expenses to counteracting pollutions in 2019-2020. As a result, CPC has no special vessels for counteraction the oil leaks in the Black Sea now. On the 11th of August this oil field came to the shores of Anapa city. We pointed in our demand that as the nature of Black Sea’s currents is clear, soon this oil slick will be near shores of the Crimean peninsula with its unique underwater ecologic systems, including Opuksky Nature Reserve as a protected shore reserve located on the southern coast of the Kerch Peninsula on the Black Sea.

Our Association reminded pointed structures that Russia as the occupying state has the obligation to protect the unique nature and environmental systems of Ukraine’s Crimea, that is illegally controlled by Russia. And more, as we stressed in our submission, the consequences of this amplitudinous oil pollution will have a negative influence on all Black Sea’s ecosystems. We called the above-pointed structures and authorities to immediately take all respective informational, political and legal enforcement measures and inform us on their results. Owing to our submission European Environment Agency informed us on their investigation on this issue already.

Unfortunately, the Association later received a rebuttal from this European Union’s agency about its initial intentions to research this case. This practical example reflects vividly the potential of Russian and Russia-related big business, which corrupts the international bodies and destroys today not only the ecosystems of Crimea, but the entire Black Sea region as a whole, with the complete silence of the competent international structures.