In the previous publication, we started to acquaint our readers with the illegal activity of some ‘businessmen’ from Kerch. Completing the discussion on the gas topic, we would like to only highlight that the actions of the company Yuvas-Trans provoke a negative reaction of both the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities and those states near which the vessels freighted by Ukraine appear. The obvious example of that is the incident, which happened to the tanker GOEAST in October 2017.

That day, the coast guard of Libya even used their ship weapon as they tried to detain the villains for smuggling the petroleum products. We should take into consideration that Lybia was actually divided into two parts, one of which is formidably influenced by the RF and is interested in smuggling to support the regimen not recognized by the UNO. The company tried to deny they had any links with the tanker. Although, in the Internet, there is a video with its departure from Kerch as well as the information on its travel for a repair after firing in the former Ship-Repair Plant of Kerch.

But, let’s go on and bring to our mind the role plaid by Yuvas Trans in the organization of the criminal schemes of the violation of the regimen of the temporarily occupied territory while shipping the freights by means of their transportation on the non-self-propelled barges, which are not obliged to have a transmitter of the AIS (Automated Identification System).  Such barges have been transferred on the Yuvas Trans tugboats to another tug of the contracting party beyond the territorial waters of Ukraine.

For instance, on 27th June 2015, at about 13:00 p.m., the tugboat of the company VIKTOR LYAGIN left occupied Kerch, carrying a barge on its board. On 30th June 2015, it switched off the AIS transmitter at 14:03 p.m. MSK in the destination spot with coordinates 46°20’42” N 31°05’30” E. On the 1st of July, 2015, at around 13:30 p.m., sailing near the marine border of Ukraine but beyond its boundaries, the VIKTOR LYAGIN transferred the barge to the Odesa tugboat JUNIOR. That, as it was informed, was recorded by several professional sailors. Later, the JUNIOR tugged the barge into the open Ukrainian port for loading it with construction materials.

By the time, on the 1st of July, 2015, at about 13:07 MSK, the JUNIOR had left Kherson and arrived into the destination spot with coordinates 46°20’44” N 31°06’16” E. It slowed down and abruptly turned to the north at the spot with the coordinates 46°20’29” N 31°05’32” E, approximately, in 40 minutes. Later, in 1st July 2015, at 19:28 MSK, it arrived in the port OCHAKIV. The VIKTOR LYAGIN switched on the AIS transmitter only at around 21:42 MSK, on the 2nd of July, in the spot with coordinates 46°20’11” N 31°05’48” E. From there it headed back to Kerch.

The social Internet networks told the Department of the SBU in Kherson Oblast was searching one of the captains of the Yuvans-Trans ships as far as he was an alleged criminal according to P.2, Art. 332, UA Criminal Code. His name was Dmytro Volodymyrovych Drapak born on 5th July 1981 and residing at 10 Budionnyi St., Flat 11, Kerch 98329, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and Ukraine. Therefore, all who are not indifferent can dial the contact phone number of the Pre-Trial Investigation Department +38 0552-45-90-02 to inform us on the facts he/she knows.

Another story was given a wide publicity. It concerned the incident when the officials of the company Yuvas-Trans helped to block the pass of the Ukrainian naval ships in November 2018 by providing the tanker NEIMA and several tugboats to block the marine way under the Crimean Bridge.

The company Yuvas-Trans was the owner of Kerch Ship-Repair Plant, in which the tanker was kept before the Kerch Strait was blocked. The company carried out an alternative pilotage of the marine vessels. Those were the actions not pressurized by the government of the occupants. On the contrary, its officials had close links with the State DUMA deputies and officials of the other authorities of the RF government and their support, showing they were interested in contacting one another many times.

In particular, immediately before the occupation of Crimea, TOV Yuvas-Trans redeemed the only one integral complex of the previously mentioned Kerch Ship-Repair Plant with the help of the State Property Fund of Ukraine for 30.25 mln. UA hryvnias (that is approximately 3.78 mln. US dollars according to the official NBU rate at that moment).

In suspicious circumstances, the Sberbank of Russia became a credit agent.    For that, they managed to throw a monkey and scuttle a sales deal signed by the company MARLIN-2 for the purchase of Kerch Ship-Repair Plant for UAH 34.5 mln., terminating the signed contract in spite of the primary 10% fee of the total contract price that had already been paid. At that time, in the press, several ordered publications appeared, all at a time. They started providing negative information on the company Marlin-2 in spite of the fact that the company did not have any negative responses from their clients. The publications also reported on the difficulties in the sale of Kerch Ship-Repair Plant, which were settled only with the help of TOV Yuvas-Trans. 

Besides, a ferry crossing was created at Kerch Ship-Repair Plant. In other words, actually, it was an alternative hidden path for transferring the people and shipping the freights from the Russian Federation. Perhaps, the Russian organisations are interested not only in giving their consent to the work of such a ferry crossing.

Among the top-priority measures on the activity of Yuvas-Trans, there was the renovation of the drilling depths of the dock pit for the possible reception of the marine vessels and mixed-type vessels of larger displacement ton and, perhaps, heavy naval transport as well as the urgent repair of the means providing such operations, i.e. the tugboat ELTIHEN with a capacity of 1200 horse powers, the ship that had stayed near the mooring places of Kerch Ship-Repair Plant for over 10 years, not the accumulation and improvement of the equipment and production capacity. It was the tugboat used for blocking the pass of the Ukrainian ships, too.

Besides, in that period, TOV Yuvas-Trans informed they were going to buy the ferry HARRYLIDE for using it on the route ‘Port KAVKAZ – Kerch Ship-Repair Plant.  

In addition, after the occupation, TOV Yuvas-Trans immediately formed their own private pilot service in order to avoid the publicity and risks caused by the cooperation with the similar public institution of the Russian Federation and provide an alternative if it were blamed by the international community, as well.     It would be impossible to do within such short terms without having the support of the RF government and receiving the appropriate licenses.

It is worth taking into consideration the Narodytskyis, the founders and the owners of the business group Yuvas, got the passports of the RF citizens as they became the Russian collaborates of the occupational government immediately, within the first working days after the announcement of the results of the illegal referendum, i.e. the referendum as of 25th and 28th March 2014. The copies of the passports are saved in the Internet and easily accessible for those willing to check up the information.

That is so, in spite of the fact that the work of the Department of the Russian Federal Migration Service in the Crimean Republic kicked off only on 16th March 2014 and, at first, was aimed at providing the passports for the servicemen who became the traitors of Ukraine and had to immediately conclude the contracts for the service in the RF Military Forces. To do that, they had to become the RF citizens, according to the RF legislation that was effective at that time. The first Russian passports have been provided for the servicemen of the Navy of the UA Military Forces and their families since 22nd March 2014.  

The expression of a special trust and support of the RF government was their help provided for the commercial activity of TOV Yuvas-Trans as well as the company involvement in the implementation on the contracts concluded between them and the RF Ministry of Defense together with the Russian authorities of the Interior.  In the documents of the company Tseak, which prepared the materials on the assessment of the TOV YUVAS-TRANS economic activity and accident impact on the environment, so that the company could meet the requirements of the RF legislation, it was provided the company shall carry out the ship repair in the port Kerch and ship’s bunkering in the ports Taman, Kavkaz, and Kerch.

The ships belonging to TOV YUVAS TRANS keep on grossly violating the navigation safety rules. 

As it was provided in the materials of the case on the administrative violation of the legislation, according to the Protocol of the Northern Department of the State Marine and River Inspection of the Federal Service for the Transport Supervision on the administrative offence No. 12.3.205-005 AG as of 18th Jan. 2018, being the shipowner of the tugboat MYKOLA DMYTRIEV and without having any license for the transfer of the passengers within the period from 22nd to 24th November 2017, TOV Yuvas-Trans transferred 9 people on the tugboat Mykola Dmytriev. The people were not the members of the crew of that vessel, so they violated the requirements of Clause 20, P.1, Art. 12 of the Federal Legislation of the Russian Federation No. 99-FZ On Licensing the Certain Types of Activity as of 4th May 2011. Nevertheless, YUVAS TRANS were not liable for those deeds. They managed to delay the hearing of a case in the court and got the Decision on termination of the case due to the expiration of the terms of holding the culprit responsible.

As the Russian State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre affirms, the dry-cargo freighter Andor owned by TOV Traves, registered in the port Taganrog under the Russian banner, and loaded with 3299.5 tons of wheat bumped into the Middle Black Sea Seiner Khors owned by TOV Yuvas-Trans, freighted by TOV YUGRYB-TRANS, and registered in the port Kerch under the Russian banner while passing into the moor spot of Region 471, the moor area in the Kerch Strait on the 5th of March, 2018, at 00:30 a.m. 

After the collision, the Andor moored, and the seiner Khors entered the port Kerch. So, at 2:15 a.m., on 5th March, the boat moored at Kerch Ship-Repair Plant.  The vessels did not have any signs of leakage, but the Andor had the damages of the fender guard as well as washboards on the right side, which were at a distance of 3 meters. 

Though, what a trifle are all those violations of the navigation safety rules! They mean almost nothing for the faithful friends of the occupational government…

To be continued …