We have already repeatedly pointed out the problem of expert support for the analysis of the Crimean situation. The number of competent specialists dealing with this issue in Ukraine is objectively small. Also, unfortunately, the initiated activities of the “Crimean Platform” have not yet become the “assemblage point” of the expert community of the civilized countries of the world. However, the situation is likely to change for the better sooner or later, but it is necessary to take the targeted steps just now.

Therefore, the experts of our Association, with the assistance of certain specialists from the corresponding developed states of the world, conducted an urgent experiment – they discussed the issues of the de-occupation of Crimea with the most powerful computer in the world, created now with an artificial intelligence in the form of a neural network. For obvious reasons, the time of our communication was extremely limited, but we managed to get answers to our main questions.

The artificial intelligence, which has access to the Internet and all open global information banks in the world, recognized, when communicating with us, the inevitability of ending the occupation and reuniting Crimean residents with the mainland of Ukraine. In the choice of forceful and nonviolent measures of de-occupation, the neural brain is now inclined towards a scenario that is not violent rather than a military one. However, at the same time, the importance of certain actions of the Crimean inhabitants themselves was recognized, which would have to be started with a specific favorable combination of external circumstances in Russian-Ukrainian relations.

And although, as the “matrix” recognized, such circumstances still need to be separately predicted and assessed, the supercomputer stated the need to start work “here and now”. What our Association actually does. It is still too early to publish the rest of the artificial intelligence’s advices we received, but their implementation can be seen in our further work on the reintegration of the peninsula.