Our Association already made some publications and submissions to the international bodies on risks for the Crimean environment, caused by the non-effective water policies of the Russia’s de-facto “authorities” on peninsula. We paid special attention to the issue of the illegal collaboration the “Siemens” and “Grundfos” concerns with such “authorities”, including the so-called Beshterek-Zuya water intake pump station, destructing the unique ecosystems and natural hydrology of the Crimea.

We addressed on those issues as to those concerns directly, so to the governments of Germany and Denmark. On this week our Association also informed the key German and Danish ecologic organizations on those negative issues. We already got the confirmations from some of those NGO structures that they will start work on this problem and we will cooperate with them on point on further legal responsibility of “Siemens” and “Grundfos” for the committed violations the international humanitarian and human rights law.