Vitalii Denisov, the “head of the city’s health department”, recently told to the “deputies” of the so-called “Legislative Assembly” about the demographic situation in Sevastopol. He referred to “official data” according to which the Sevastopol’s population of January 1, 2021 was 509,992 persons, which is 60,853 persons (or 13.6 %) more than a year earlier. But at the same time, the Russian invaders stated that the birth rate continued to decline in Sevastopol: during the year 4,225 children were born in the city, which is 42 children less than in 2019, and the birth rate for 2020 was 9.43. But the mortality rate continued to grow sharply in Sevastopol, while almost 1.5 times ahead of the birth rate. In total, 6,246 people died in the city in 2020, which is 431 more than in 2019. The overall Sevastopol’s mortality rate per 1,000 population for 2020 is 13.94, which is 6 % more than in 2019.

Interestingly, Denisov tried to “boast” that in the Russia itself there was an even more significant deterioration in demographic indicators. The report of the “department”, posted on the website of the “Legislative Assembly”, emphasized, that “a similar indicator of total mortality in Russia for 12 months of 2020 was 14.5; in the Southern Federal District – 14.8” which means that in Sevastopol “everything is not so bad”. The diseases of the circulatory system is in the first place among the causes of death, from which 3,427 people died during the year (almost 55 % of all deaths), and the mortality rate from them increased per 100 thousand population by 2.65 % compared to 2019 and amounted to 764.74. Although these diseases are largely characteristic of people of retirement age, the share of able-bodied citizens who died from such diseases was almost 11 %. The mortality rate from diseases of the circulatory system per 100 thousand of the working age population in Sevastopol was 149.79, which is 5.38 % higher than in 2019.

The neoplasms, mainly malignant are in the second place among the causes of death in Sevastopol, from which 1128 people died, or 18 % of all deaths. Here the occupants point out that this figure is less than 5 people than in 2019, but at the same time, cancer mortality in Sevastopol (248.37 per 100 thousand) was higher than in Russia (195.9 per 100 thousand, and in Southern Federal District – 188.8 per hundred thousand) [1]. Well, the status of the “main base of the fleet” obviously obliges exactly such figures.

But the main thing in this situation is that with such a mortality rate, the increase in the population of Sevastopol is nothing more than an internationally condemned illegal resettlement.

Another international crime is evidenced by the Russian invaders’ military statistics. From the messages of the Russia’s Ministry of Defense, it is known that during the spring “conscription” of 2021, the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will be “replenished” with more than 2,000 “recruits”, including 500 persons from Sevastopol, that is, almost the entire possible maximum of persons who can be “conscripted” in the city. For a similar “conscription” in 2019, the Russian Black Sea Fleet “mastered” 1,500 “recruits”, so the number of “conscripts” increased by a third [2].

At the same time, according to the “Crimean Human Rights Group”, in June 2021 alone, the Russian invaders started 9 new “criminal cases” and passed 11 “sentences” against Crimean residents for evading service in the armed forces of the aggressor-State. And in total, at the end of June, 227 “criminal cases” for “evasion of service” under Article 328 of the Russian Criminal Code were referred to the “courts” of Crimea, 210 of them have already been “sentenced”, another 17 are under consideration.

Due to the publication of materials about the illegal “military conscription” of peninsula residents, the site of the “Crimean Human Rights Group” is being blocked by the Russian “authorities”. They adopted at least 20 “decisions” in 2020 and 2021 “prohibiting the distribution” of such publications regarding illegal “military conscription” in Crimea. In general, since 2018, the organization has received more than 50 messages from “Roskomnadzor” about “entering site articles into the register of information prohibited in the Russian Federation”.

All those “decisions” stated that the information of human rights defenders allegedly “undermines the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, creates the preconditions for the violation of the federal structure of the country, the integrity and inviolability of its territory”, since, according to the invaders’ illegal ideas, allegedly “the city of federal significance Sevastopol and Crimea, being subjects of Russia, are included in the federal structure of Russia and constitute an integral basis of the constitutional system of the state, and the conscription of citizens for military service, including living on the territory of the constituent entities of Russia, is one of the methods of manning the Armed Forces of the Russia, ensuring the integrity and inviolability of the territory of the state”.

At the same time, it is characteristic that in all those incidents, exactly the representatives of the “military prosecutor’s office” applied to the “courts” with “claims” against human rights defenders to prohibit information. For these reasons, the site of human rights defenders was blocked by the Russian invaders in Simferopol, Sudak, Kerch, Krasnoperekopsky and Bakhchisaraysky districts. According to the media coordinator of the “Crimean Human Rights Group”, Irina Sedova, by blocking the human rights information resource, the Russian invaders are trying to hide from the war crimes committed by the “authorities” in Crimea from peninsula residents [3].


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