Ilya Tyukin, Yalta-Kyiv

Our Association has repeatedly written about the close connection of key Crimean collaborators with the construction business, such as the long-term “Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea” and at the same time the beneficiary of the “Consol Ltd” corporation Vladimir Konstantinov. Moreover, the significance of the collapse of the speculative bubble with Crimea’s real estate prices as of 2014 was noted for the such beneficiaries’ economic interests.

But time goes by and organized criminal groups, from which the aggressor state formed its “administration” on the peninsula, do not stop trying to continue to “accelerate” the real estate market in the Crimea. The semi-anecdotal and at the same time very sad in fact current situation forced us to investigate this in more detail. After all, according to official reports, the arbitration manager Oleksandr Demchan from the Vyshneve village, Kyiv Region, will hold a tender on July 30, 2021 [1] as part of the bankruptcy proceedings of Firm “Consol Ltd” LLC (number in the register of legal entities 20676633), registered in Simferopol, 16 Borodyna Street.

These auctions were the result of the bankruptcy proceedings of the company “Consol Ltd” in case 911/5186/14 by the decision of the Commercial Court of Kyiv of August 4, 2016 [2]. This case is still ongoing and the number of creditors who claim property rights to the offspring of Konstantinov is impressive. But for now, I would like to draw readers’ attention to the fact that this proceeding was initiated not by private individuals in 2014, but by the Dnipropetrovsk City Council’s municipal enterprise, the “City Improvement Control Department”, because we will return to Dnipro more than once. But it should be noted already that although Konstantinov’s actual control over the “Consol Ltd” company, in particular through his daughter Kateryna Konstantinova, is not in doubt by any of the experts, even by Russian ones [3], the formal founder of this Crimean company is another legal entity, namely LLC Firm “Real Estate” [4] (number in the register 31447025), registered at the same address in occupied Simferopol.

But, by a “strange coincidence” in Dnipro, in apartments at 17 Akademika Yangelya Street, another LLC “Real Estate” Investment and Construction Company was registered (registration number 35044429) [5], which is allegedly managed by Ms. Lilia Malyarenko and its ultimate beneficiary allegedly is Ms. Halyna Turchyna, also registered in Dnipro on Mandrykivska Street. At the same time, Ms. Turchina has nine other registered companies, so the name of the real beneficiary of the Dnipro’s “Real Estate” remains a big question. However, the “risk” that the same names of Dnipro and Simferopol “Real Estate” LLCs is a common coincidence, is actually minimal. After all, for example, by the decision of the Dnipro City Council of April 14, 2021, the Dnipro’s “Real Estate” got the liquid valuable plot of communal property in the city center (Victory Embankment, 3) for construction [6]. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was exactly the Dnipro communal services that probably provided someone in 2014 with a profitable start to the bankruptcy of “Consol Ltd”, founded by the Crimean “Real Estate”.

However, the “interesting coincidences” regarding the “Consol Ltd” company, related to the Dnipro Region are not isolated. For example, for many years there were companies in Ukraine’s mainland, registered in Novomoskovsk, “Perspektiva Soft: LLC and “Consol Ltd” LLC (legal entity number 35782561) [7], whose director is Mr. Serhiy Repenko from Dnipro [8]. These companies’ statutes included, among other things, the construction, and they are united not only by this, but by the  sentence of the Melitopol City-District Court of Zaporozhye Region from December 30, 2016 in case 320/9710/14-k [9] on these companies’ activities. Although relevant defendant in the case of tax evasion was acquitted, the said sentence indicated on the fictitious business activities of “Consol Ltd” in the field of pesticide circulation for farmers in the Melitopol District, and on fact that these companies had a nominal director, completely controlled to other persons. Interestingly, that in 2015 the arbitration manager exactly from the Zaporozhye Region Andrey Vasyltsov (certificate № 1124), was appointed as the liquidator of another “Consol Ltd”, namely the Crimean LLC Firm “Consol Ltd” in the mentioned business case 911/5186/14. Mr. Vasyltsov then had an office in Berdyansk on Pratsi Avenue, and now, among other things, he participates in the liquidation, for example, JSC “Melitopol Plant “Autocolorit”” [10].

But it is worth to return from the mainland clone firms “Consol Ltd” and “Real Estate” to the occupied Crimea and to find out – what will actually be selled from the “Consol Ltd” property on July 30, by the liquidator Alexander Demchan. He put up for auction four real estate objects, namely a certain “object of unfinished construction – a multi-storey residential building with a shop and parking”, exept its seventeen rooms, located in Yalta at 22 Kyivska Street [11], another “object of unfinished construction, 81 % readiness”, located in Alushta, at 31 Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street [12]. Two other“Consol Ltd”  real estate objects were named by the liquidator as two “groups of houses as a part of a residential quarter” in Evpatoria, allegedly located at the intersection of Peremohy Avenue (numbers “111 and 111a”) and Chapayeva Street [13].

An analysis of open sources shows that the information of the liquidator Demchan is, to put it mildly, unverified. After all, in Yalta at Kyivska, 22 there is a fourteen-storey residential complex “Ocean” of more than seven thousand square meters with 55 apartments, which was fully commissioned in 2013 [14]. It is noteworthy that the shopping center “Ocean”, which was built by the same structures as the residential complex, was registered on the next house number. Under the conditions of Russia’s occupation, these facilities are operated by a ‘Trading House’ “Ocean”, which is named as connected with the Konstantinov’s company “Consol Ltd” even by the media resources controlled by the invaders. It is noteworthy that this “Ocean” gained access in 2017 to the construction of the “cultural and entertainment complex” located in Mishor Park, Yalta Koreiz village, through the “case” A83-4011/2017 in the so-called “Arbitration Court of the Republic of Crimea” [15].

Prior to the attemted annexation of the Crimea,  the “Ocean” structures’ attempts were made to “scroll” the construction of the same “complex”, through decisions of the village council, but these steps were successively stopped by Ukrainian courts. In fact, this construction in the park began under the conditions of Russia’s occupation, and Mr. Konstantinov’s “competitors” from among the collaborators, such as Natalia Poklonskaya and Aleksei Chaly, even engaged in active PR on this issue under the slogan “stop the destruction of the part”. But of course they did not prevent the construction of a new skyscraper from the “Consol Ltd”.

At the same time, the media resource of Chaly in 2018 reported that the owners of “Ocean” are allegedly “Russian” (ie Yalta-registered) LLC “Alpis” and Ukrainian LLC “Real Estate”, while the owners of LLC “Alpis” are the Ukrainian LLC “Capital” and “Russian” (ie again Yalta-registered) LLC “Research Institute of Naturopathy and Phytotherapy”, owned by the same “Real Estate” and the “speaker’s” daughter, Katerina Konstantinova [16]; [17]. So, in fact, the Yalta-located “object of unfinished construction” has long been operated by the “Consol Ltd” beneficiaries, and moreover, you can find ads on the network for the sale of apartments in this house.

The situation with “Consol Ltd”  house in Alushta is similar, although perhaps not so scandalous. Prior to the occupation, “Consol Ltd” built several high-rise buildings on this  Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, and building 31 was put into operation in 2010. This nine-storey building has 45 apartments with a total area of ​​1,900 square meters with parking, and again, you can find ads for the sale of individual apartments in this network. At the same time, it is noteworthy that this house, as well as other neighboring ones, is currently managed by the so called “Comfort Service” Company LLC, which is formally headed by Svitlana Dashevska, and which is located in Simferopol at the same address as LCC “Consol Ltd” and LCC “Real Estate”. On the company’s website you can even find “utility bills” for residents of ghe Alushta-located buildings of “Consol Ltd”, and the “director of operations” of the LLC “Comfort Service” Zhukova Yu.M. is indicated in a number of “calculations” [18]. We would like to remind the readers that “ARC” has already written about the “interesting adventures” of Ms. Zhukova Yulia Mykhailivna, “Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea”, introduced for some time on the “food chain’s backbone” by “Consol Ltd” beneficiary Vladimir Konstantinov [19].

The situation with the two current Yevpatoria-located lots of the liquidator Demchan is a bit more interesting, because as of 2014 they were not really completed and even their addresses, indicated in the current liquidator’s lots did not exist. However, at least two residential complexes, “Nevskyi” and “Primorskyi”, another five-story building, and a third complex, “Pobeda”, are currently being built and put into operation at these locations (on the intersection of Chapayeva Street and Peremohy Avenue). The developer of “Nevskyi” is LLC “Shelf Company”, currently controlled by the Russian invaders, which operated in the town since 2001 and was “re-registered” in 2015 with a “share capital” of half a million rubles in Yevpatoria, 95 Internationalnaya Street with director Alexander Sokolov [20].

There are no direct links with the “Consol Ltd” in this structure. Regarding the developers of “Primorskyi”, Simferopol-located LLC “Interstroy” led by Oleg Leukhin [21] and builders of “Pobeda” [22], Sevastopol-located LLC “Alfagroupnivest” with director Ivan Sharkov it should be noted, that these structures are closely linked and at the same time they have a significant number of orders from the “Department of Capital Construction of the City of Sevastopol”. That is, these developers were directly allowed by the occupiers at least in Sevastopol to build housing for Russian colonizers at “budget cost”.

There is no information in open sources about the transfer of any objects from “Consol Ltd” to other beneficiaries in Yevpatoria. At the same time, in 2016, an openly advertising article for Konstantinov in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta: indicated the “completion” of the “Consol Ltd” construction for another Yevpatoria facility, a nine-story building on Maya 9 Street. It is noteworthy that this was the fourth building in the same location and the three previous ones were handed over to “Consol Ltd” in 2008-2009, in particular on the budget order of the Ukrainian authorities, as communal housing. At the same time, in 2016, Russian propaganda in the obvious interests of Konstantinov promised that “one of the new neighborhoods will grow on Chapayeva Street in a few years. “Consol-Stroy” is developing a plot of 3.5 hectares here. Plans for the construction of up to 12 high-rise buildings have been announced. The first stage includes three houses. Reinforced concrete frames of two of them are already ready, a pit has been dug for laying the foundation of the third one”.

But after that, no information about the handed over objects was received. Thus, it should be hypothesized that housing estates are currently being built in Yevpatoria by the occupiers “for the budget funds’ realization”, primarily to provide housing for Russian punitive forces, the military stuff and “officials” [24]. How these newly created objects can be correlated with the liquidator’s  lots of the current auction is an open question, but most likely in this position “Consol Ltd” after 2016 was somewhat moved by competitors in the construction of housing for the Russian military for “federal funds”.

Of course, all the above-described “interesting adventures” of the companies “Consol Ltd” and “Real Estate” in the Crimea and on the Ukraine’s mainland are of little interest to Ukrainian law enforcement, because money is known to love silence, especially if it’s too big money. Well, the objects’ “barter” between the Crimean and Ukraine’s mainland developers after 2014, in favor of persons with well-known names in Kiev, is an issue that is somewhat taboo for the Ukrainian media. However, it is possible that the situation will change in the future with our help.

It will be recalled that the creation of conditions for the illegal resettlement of Russian citizens to the Crimea, in particular through organized housing construction, is complicity in an international crime that has no statute of limitations. Well, as for the auctions for the sale of property, only one question can be asked at the moment – on their real value. After all, an example of an attempt to sell expensive Crimean housing for pennies under the guise of “unfinished” to a puppet company can be seen as a way to both remove “Consol Ltd”’s property from creditors’ claims and to “legalize” the current “co-owners” of such houses, probably from among the occupiers. So this story is far from over.






















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