During the first week of July 2021, hundreds of houses were partially destroyed or flooded as a result of downpours in the Crimea, in particular, in the Bakhchisaraysky district, hundreds of facilities were destroyed, de-energized and left without water supply and sewerage, there are objective risks of dangerous infectious diseases’ outbreaks. Anthropogenic factors were the main causes of the disaster: the occupying “authorities” showed their systemic negligence, in particular, for seven years without clearing the riverbeds of the rivers Kacha, Balbek and their tributaries. In addition, those riverbeds were under the uncontrolled influence of the so-called “water supply measures” taken in 2018-2021 by the occupying “authorities”.

In connection with this disaster, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center called on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to take measures to allocate the necessary resources from the Reserve Fund for the humanitarian needs of Ukrainian Citizens in the occupied Crimea – including bottled drinking water, building materials, medicines, etc. and to apply to the International Red Cross Committee, to the UN and OSCE structures with a request to transfer this humanitarian aid to the citizens of Ukraine, affected by the disaster in Crimea in the manner prescribed by international law.