In order to assess the real situation in agriculture in Crimea, the Association’s experts studied satellite images of the peninsula taken in June 2021 by the European Space Agency mission ‘Sentinel’, which is being implemented within the framework of the ‘Copernicus program’. In particular, the condition of arable and other lands was assessed for their agricultural use and vegetation. Thus, of all the discovered crop lands of the Chernomorsky Ditrict of the AR of Crimea, experts found active agricultural works (plowing) carried out in 2021 on the vast majority of plots, namely on more than 80 % of agricultural lands.

As part of a study of satellite images of more than 200 areas of Krasnoperekopsky District of AR Crimea which until 2014 were used for rice cultivation, it was found that only up to 16 such areas (up to 8% of the total) are abandoned as of 2021 and that 56 of these areas currently have agricultural vegetation. The above-pointed lands are located in the driest areas of the Crimea, and therefore their apparently active usage by agricultural enterprises, controlled by the Russia’s invaders, for the crop productment indicates that there is no “humanitarian catastrophe” in the Crimea due to lack of water supply through the North Crimean Canal, in particular in area of agriculture. Thus, the agriculture on the Crimean peninsula, in contrast to its Russia-militarized industry and to the needs of Russia’s “colonizers”, is quite capable of efficient use of available resources.