Expert of Association, Dr. Borys Babin took part in the on-line Africa-Middle East Regional Forum on Minority Issues, organised on 15-16 June, 2021 by the United Nations and our Association’s report was disseminated between the Forum participants of more than fifty countries of the region. In own speech ARC’s expert stressed that the Crimean peninsula, as a part of Ukraine, is not geographically the part of the Middle East, but it is the historic native land for some Middle East ethnic groups, internationally recognized a indigenous peoples for Crimea, such as Crimean Tatars and Crimean Karaites, with a strong diasporas in Middle East countries.

Expert pointed that there are more that one million of Crimean Tatars in Turkey, migrated to this country as a result of the oppressions, discrimination and genocide committed over them by the Russian Empire in XVIII-XIX centuries. The countries of such ethnic groups’ residing are participant on different conflicts, including conflict in Syria and other conflicts with participation of Turkey and Russia in the region, such as Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict and others. So the Crimean Tatars are the hostages of those conflicts, stressed the Association’s representative.

We pointed to the Forum’s participants that Russian destructive policy in Turkey, with a goal of armed conflicts’ escalation in Azerbaijan, Syria and Ukraine, marks the Turkish Crimean Tatar diasporas and its organizations as a key target for own influence. ARC’s expert stressed that Ukrainian and Turkish state authorities make in common some adequate and systematic steps to support Crimean Tatars’ ethnic rights in own countries, but since 2014 Russia spent a lot of efforts to split the Turkish Crimean Tatar diaspora and its unique self-organization system (derneks) and to make it the tool of own influence.

As those Russia’s illegal efforts in Turkey are still not successful, now they anyway show the risks of usage the third countries’ ethnic groups for the purposes of the Russian imperialism, neo-colonialist and aggressive expansion in the Africa and Middle East region. So we proposed to the international organizations, governments and civil society structures of the Africa and Middle East countries to pay more attention to those illegal Russia’s activities.