UN Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, Ms. Tlaleng Mofokeng will research the submission of our Association in the framework of her research “The right to sexual and reproductive health – challenges and opportunities during COVID-19” to be presented for the UN General Assembly. ARC’s submission is devoted to the current situation in the Crimea that makes impossible the effective realization of the right to sexual and reproductive health for the Crimean residents, including the right to make free and responsible decisions and choices, free of violence coercion and discrimination regarding matters concerning one’s body and sexual and reproductive health. We pointed to the UN Rapporteur that the minimum adequate volume of the health facilities, goods, services and information, which would ensure all people full enjoyment of the right to sexual and reproductive health, are absent in the modern Crimea, the territory of lawlessness and arbitrariness.

Association stressed in the submission that the organizational practice of Russian de-facto “authorities” in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic was extremely negative for the Crimean residents’ right to sexual and reproductive health. As the checkpoints on the boarding line with the Crimea were closed by the Russian punitive bodies in 2020, so the persons, who visited clinics on reproductive health in the Ukrainian mainland, lost such opportunity. The departments of Crimean hospitals, purposed for the reproductive-related diseases and maternity hospitals were transformed, full or partially, for the COVID-19 hospitals and the urgent information on such transformation was not given to the population. The Russian de-facto “authorities” did not provide for the local residents in the Crimea the actual and effective services, goods and information regarding sexual and reproductive health care, as before COVID-19 pandemic so in 2020-2021.

We reminded to the Rapporteur that the “medical reform” started in the Crimea by the Russian de-facto “authorities”, with forcibly implementation the insurance medicine since 2014, made strong negative impact to the level of protection the rights to sexual and reproductive health. Thousands of persons, who refused or could not get the “Russia’s citizenship” in the Crimea after its attempted annexation, lost the possibility to get the adequate aid even in vital issues, including pregnancy conditions. Almost all the state maternity hospitals in the Crimea, captured by Russian “authorities” in 2014, are now in ugly sanitary, technical and personnel conditions now, this issue was highlighted in our Association’s publications for many times. We pointed to the UN Rapporteur that here are no any sustainable policies of the Russian de-facto “authorities” for support the maternity in the Crimea for the local residents; so it is not surprising, that in 2021 the mortality level exceeded the fertility rate twice in the Crimea.