In July 2020, the “ARC” reported an outbreak of an intestinal infection in Sevastopol that overcrowded an Inkerman hospital. At that time, the “Sevastopol City Infectious Diseases Hospital” worked with infected people with COVID-19, so the rest of the patients with infectious diseases were sent to Inkerman [1]. “Less than a year later”, local experts began to gently warn the public that simply “drinking water” from the taps is not entirely safe. Crimeans were urged to listen to the opinion of “Associate Professor of General and Physical Chemistry” of the so-called “Crimean Federal University” Konstantin Rabotyagov. This chemist, “celebrating” the precipitation in the Crimea, which took place last week, still noted that something dangerous could enter the water mains.

After all, it is stated that due to the summer activity of microorganisms, water with them is dangerous not only to drink but also to bathe in it. That is why special attention should be paid to water purification. The material with reference to Mr. Rabotyagov says that the residents of Simferopol living near the Alushta highway are still lucky in this issue. There are mainly neighborhoods and settlements that receive water from the Ayan reservoir, and therefore “the water there comes directly from the source and therefore, in principle, does not require purification”, – said Rabotyagov. But residents of other areas of Simferopol, especially with the onset of heat, should be careful and subject the water not only to visual inspection, but also heat treatment.

In addition to Escherichia coli, water can contain just unimaginable amounts of toxins that are dangerous to health. If you drink this water once, chances are you will have unpleasant consequences for a minute. But if used systematically, problems are inevitable, warns the expert. “There are unimaginable amounts of toxic substances that are invisible to the taste, that have no smell. And when their action in the body begins, it is too late to do something”, said Mr. Rabotyagov. He added that toxic toxins usually get into drinking water along with rain and exhaust fumes. At the same time, human vision is unable to assess their presence and quantity in tap water. The expert reminded that citizens should not neglect rapid testing of drinking water: the liquid should be free of impurities, transparent, and have no taste or smell [2].

The media controlled by the occupiers, surprise us by this news, as they do not contain the usual for invaders’ propaganda accusations of Ukraine in the current disgraceful state of the Simferopol water supply system, which has not been observed in the entire history of the city.