The state of affairs with the provision of food to the Crimean residents was reflected in the submission of the “ARC” to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, Professor David R. Boyd. The “ARC” submission described the impact of the negligence of the occupying “authorities”, the militarization and colonization of the peninsula, that caused the Crimea’s water crisis, on the state of crop production. This submission also reflected other negative factors that currently significantly affect the provision of proper nutrition to Crimean residents.

These factors include the “nationalization” by the occupiers of agricultural enterprises owned by Ukrainian state institutions, including the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, the destruction of the consumer cooperation system in the Crimea, the unjustified and artificial changes of the occupiers in the field of certification and sanitary policy, the uncontrolled mass commercial fishery in Black and Azov Seas from the Crimea, the seizure of agricultural lands under the control of the occupiers for mass housing construction for the Russian colonizers.

It should be added that “ARC” previously provided this UN Special Rapporteur with separate submission on the real causes of the water crisis on the peninsula, which was posted on UN resources. As part of the synthesis of the received submissions on this topic, the Special Rapporteur submitted to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2021 a special report “Human Rights and the Global Water Crisis: Water Pollution, Water Scarcity and Water-Related Disasters” A/HRC/46/28.

It is noteworthy that despite the biased and untrue theses, submitted by Russia to the Special Rapporteur on the situation with the water supply of Crimea, in the report A/HRC/46/28 the UN Rapporteur did not reflect the relevant fabrications of Russian political propaganda. In addition, in the report, the Rapporteur expressed special gratitude for the information provided to the civil society structures of different countries. Highly professionally developed UN document A/HRC/46/28 should become in the future an important basis for the international community and Ukraine to demand Russia to commit urgent reasonable measures, as an occupying power, to properly supply Crimean residents with water without harming the environment of the peninsula.