Sevastopol residents are spreading on social networks their significant concern over the risks of losing control over their own property due to the activities of “notaries”, appointed by the occupiers. The general scheme of enrichment is the “certification” by the Sevastopol “notaries” of fictitious contracts and instructions on the city residents’ property issues, from persons residing in mainland Ukraine.

It would seem that the invaders’ de-facto “authorities” should be concerned with such a real, in contrast to “terrorists and saboteurs”, “Ukrainian trail”. But as the current “decisions of the Sevastopol’s courts” show, most of these “notaries” after another scandal with “re-registered” property receive only “slight fright” and continue own “fruitful work”.

The good example is the situation of Oksana Dubrovska, a “notary” caught in such machinations with “mainland powers of attorney”, who was recently acquitted of any problems in the “case” 22-121/2021 by the “Leninsky District Court” and then by the “Sevastopol City Court”. So, when it comes not to propaganda but to “live money”, both the “notaries” and “judges” of Sevastopol do not refuse to share another pack of “honestly earned” hryvnias.