Borys Babin

The expert community has been noting for last several years, that the occupiers have been steadily increasing the level of militarization of Crimean youth, which has already begun in kindergarten. But the specifics of the current approaches of the invaders to train young Crimean residents to serve in favor of the aggressor State need some additional coverage.

After all, at present the obvious intention of the aggressor – to cover the maximum number of young persons with “military exercises” – is combined with the hidden task of maximum savings of the material resources involved. It is also important to establish the true purpose of such occupiers’ actions. Example of Yevpatoria secondary schools will help to understand, how these processes take place in practice.

As of the beginning of the occupation, there were up to fifteen general secondary schools in the town and three more in the satellite settlements. Since 2014, the militarization of Yevpatoria pupils has begun to take place primarily through the formation of so-called “cadet classes” in ordinary secondary schools.

At the same time, parents of schoolchildren were faced with a choice – to send the child to a “regular” class, with a obviously worse level of teaching and metodic materials, or to agree that the child became a “cadet” and will receive at least some knowledge of general school subjects. It is characteristic that such “motivation” was achieved by school principals only through the redistribution of funds, personnel, equipment within the school, without “attracting additional reserves”.

In fact, the “military component” of of such “cadets” training, not surprisingly, is also provided primarily by “available forces and tools”. After all, in fact, schools where cadet classes ware formed, are assigned to “curators” in the form of existing inviders’ military units or militarized formations. At the same time, of course, no one takes into account the wishes of children at all.

For example, the “cadet class” at School 15 was given “care” to the Russian border guards’ “unit”, stationed in the city, at School 16 – to the “local unit” of the Russia’s Investigative Committee, at the Zaozerne Settlement’s School – to the “town department” of the Russia’s Ministry of Emergencies. In the Novoozerne Settlement’s School, the “cadets” were “patronized” by the structures of the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which have a “permanent base” there; in School 17, the “Center for Long-Range Space Communications” serves as the “patron”, and School 6, renamed as “Integral” by the Russia’s invaders, has the Rosguard “military unit” as “parton” [1].

At the same time, it is obvious that special, qualified education of “future officers”t cannot be the purpose of such “cadet classes” formation, because teching takes place in a general common school, but only due to a certain concentration of resources for “cadets”. “Teachers of military affairs” are either involved casual “officers” of the invaders’ formations, or the usual school teachers [2]. It is also obvious that the choice of “specialization” of “cadet classes” by the very fact of having a “naval unit” or “space troops” near the school cannot be aimed at the systematic education of future “specialized personnel”. Thus, the real goal of the “cadet classes”, as a key form of militarization of Crimean pupils, is not so much military-applied as educational-disciplinary.

Of course, Russia will not recruit dozens of graduates of the Yevpatoria School 17 to its own “space troops”, and pupils from Novoozerny to the own Navy. The task of such “cadet classes” is quite another, namely the re-education of the young Crimean residents, “unreliable” for the Russian invaders, and complicating their further integration into the Ukrainian society.

At the same time, it is important to point out the criminal role of “school directors” where the “cadet classes” are located, because such managers are the key executors of the criminal instructions of the occupying “authorities”. It shoul be be recalled that forcible enlistment of persons under the age of 14 in any military service is an international crime for which there is no statute of limitations.