The head of research of the British “Henry Jackson Society”, Dr. Jade McGlynn, published a powerful report “Renewing the Resistance. The UK’s Role in the Crimea Platform”. The report analyzes aspects of the policy of non-recognition of the attempt to annex the Crimea, ways to counter the militarization of the peninsula and human rights violations, strengthening sanctions policy and economic influence on the aggressor State.

The document contains proposals for holding an annual security forum following the Crimean Platform summit, support for Ukraine’s integration into NATO, proposals for strengthening bilateral military cooperation and the UK’s presence in the Black Sea region. The report proposes to the British government to conduct expert activities on Crimean issues periodically, to introduce mechanisms similar to Magnitsky’s Act in the legislation, to strengthen sanctions’ policy against Russian structures that act as “mediators” for Crimean institutions abroad, and against Crimean “judges”.

It is worth noting that the “Henry Jackson Society” was founded at the University of Cambridge in 2005 on the principles of protecting the liberal democracy and supporting the active foreign policy of Great Britain. Members of UK’s parliament, authoritative experts and journalists are among the founders of this structure. The tasks of the society are to promote the principles of freedom, constitutional democracy, transatlantic cooperation, clear international policy, as well as the policy of internal and external security of Great Britain. The “Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre” has been operating within the community since 2010, and a number of the society’s proposals have, among other things, been included in the Boris Johnson government’s foreign policy practice.

Discussion of this report with the participation of experts and members of the UK’s Parliament will take place on April 12, 2021 at 17 o’clock in Kiev online. Registration is available at: