We already informed readers about the plans of the Russian “authorities” to destroy the key, Moinaky park in Yevpatoria, which was the “lungs” of this Crimean resort town before the occupation. This “deal”, started in the private commercial interests of the Federation Council’s speaker Valentina Matviyenko [1], is accompanied by the “realization” the funding from the “federal target program” for the construction of an alleged “rehabilitation center” on the site of the mud bath “Moinaki”, destroyed during the occupation, and on the basis of the sanatorium “Batkivshchyna” for children with pathways respiratory and nervous system diseases.

The deforestation of the park, planned by the Russian invaders, and the cynical destruction, in favor of the Russia’s “elite”, of “Batkivshchyna” sanatorium, where there was a unique experience of helping seriously ill children, including those with cerebral palsy, did not leave almost all town inhabitants indifferent. It is noteworthy that the “commission of the public council of the town” was forced to hold a “discussion of this issue” recently highlighted in the invaders’ propaganda in order to imitate the “dialogue with the population”. Such “commission” even promised the to the Yevpatoria’s residents that “their opinion will be taken into account”, and therefore in the new “rehabilitation center” they will find a place for a “museum exposition” where the heritage of the resort will be preserved.

Apparently, it is in such “museum” that there will be photographs of trees, which once grew on the site of cottages of the “Russian elite”, and images of sick children who were once able to recover in the institutions destroyed by the aggressor-State. Well, while the future destruction of the park and the “Batkivshchyna” sanatorium is explained by the Russian propaganda that allegedly, these objects have already been transferred to the “federal balance”, so the “local authorities” have “no right” to clean and even to protect those objects because it would be “illegal” [3]. Therefore, the propagandists point out, that the abandoned and unguarded park is “dangerous” and that it should be disposed immediately. Obviously, such disposal will be in favor of Ms. Matviyenko and of the “village head” of Ms. Osadcha, the sister of Natalia Poklonskaya, through whose signatures the “land allotment” for the construction and infrastructure of this project in the neighboring Uyutne village will go.

Of course, the theft and destruction of these facilities seem to the “head of the city administration” Roman Tikhonchuk, who plunged with the scandal with the felling of another Yevpatoria park, “Kurzal” in the interests of his business partners [4] much more “legal”. However, Mr. Tikhonchuk is currently in serious trouble, as another collaborators’ gang with commercial interests in “Kurzal” (on which we also wrote about in the fall of 2020 [5]) is currently “inciting” the “Yevpatoria’s mayor” at the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office and even for the “independent media”.

Federal funds are also being developed at Yevpatoria sanatoriums, which the occupiers have turned into alleged “rehabilitation centers” for patients, who have suffered from COVID-19 coronavirus infection. In particular, the “grand opening” of such a center in the sanatorium “Pribyi” was reported by the Russian “Izvestia” [6]. At the same time, as residents of the town write on social networks, such established “centers” are without patients now, despite the difficult epidemic situation on the peninsula. At the same time, according to Yevpatoria, the occupiers are conducting a mass audit of the practical capabilities of sanatoriums for “the possibility of mass placement of bedridden patients for treatment”. Thus, the Russia’s “government” either expands the development of “federal funds” to “fight the epidemic”, or checks and prepares the hospital fund in the framework of intensive military exercises and militarization of the peninsula.

The sudden painful attention of the Russia’s invaders to the “preservation of archival affairs” of Yevpatoria’s sanatoriums is also interesting [7]. It is obvious that the understanding of the responsibility’s inevitability for those, who have stolen since 2014 unique property of the communities, of the Ukraine’s state and trade unions, depriving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens of the right to health and recovery, makes collaborators urgently think about how to destroy paper traces of their own crimes. However, such a task is unlikely to be solved, given the numerous forms of documenting such crimes, including tragicomic ones.

For example, the children’s sanatorium “Yuvileinyi” (“Jubilee”) was stolen in 2014 from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and in 2017 it was “transferred free of charge” by the “authorities of the Republic of Crimea” to the Bashkortostan’s authorities, which “included” this object in the joint-stock company “Sanatorium “Yangan-Tau””, which is in Bashkortostan republican property. Such “transfer” was accompanied by the announcement of “republican investments in the repairing” the “Yuvileinyi” in the amount of at least 300 million rubles, and gradually the promised “investment’s amount” increased to 3.7 billion rubles [8].

We would like to add that the “Yuvileinyi” park area also overlooks Lake Moinaki and, together with the mud bath’s park and “Batkivshchyna” park described above and being destroyed by the occupiers, is the only large green area of the resort. It is noteworthy that before the Russian invaders’ occupation in 2014, “Yuvileinyi” was in really good financial condition, and the promised “republican billions” did not come to the sanatorium from Bashkortostan. Moreover, the “realization” of the allegedly allocated 100 million “Bashkir” rubles for the “overhaul” of the “Yuvileinyi” led to the “renovated” buildings in disrepair, to a state that “needs to be demolished”.

After that, even the Bashkortostan’s audit authorities began inspections of “Yangan-Tau” [10] as the sole “owner” of Yevpatoria’s “Yuvileinyi” according to Russia’s “official registers” [11], and the situation in the institution has been the subject of scandals since 2019, including criticism of Radiy Khabirov, the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Mr. Khabirov concerns not only the current scandal with the director of “Yangan-Tau” Alfred Akbashev, who likes to ride around Ufa, to put it mildly, well-drunk [12].

After all, the Head of Bashkortostan in 2019 was publicly outraged by both the “disappearance” of the allocated building materials and the behavior of the “director” of “Yuvileinyi”, Galimov Rinat Rimovich, who spent much of the “allocated” “repair funds” on their flights between Kazan and Simferopol [13]. It came to the point that “Yangan-Tau” then filed a lawsuit against Galimov in the Bashkortostan’s arbitration court to recover 7.4 million rubles “rolled out” by those flights and by taxi. However, even then in Bashkir social networks, this “Crimean scandal” was explained by the “war of clans” for control over the “Yangan-Tau” sanatorium, as a tasty object located in a unique natural area of Bashkortostan.

It is noteworthy that on March 17 this year, the Bashkortostan’s Arbitration Court rejected the claim of “Yangan-Tau” against Galimov (case A07-35787/19) [15]. This is not surprising because this “Bashkir colonizer of the Crimea” Mr. Rinat Galimov, former owner of “Sport-City” firm and director of the Ufa fitness center “World Class” [16], is now, “by a strange coincidence”, the deputy director of the Logistics’ Department of the Bashkortostan’s Ministry of Health [17]. Mr. Galimov’s current “successful” achievements in the “overhaul” of Bashkir hospitals and the corresponding development of “republican funds” similar to his “Crimean business trips” are of little concern to us. But it is noteworthy that the Ukrainian authorities, unfortunately, do not react to the “Yangan-Tau” destructive activities in the Crimea and they do not include this object in the sanctions lists, and its figurants, such as “salesman” Galimov and “stuntman” Akbashev, – to the materials of criminal proceedings.

This issue could have a considerable international resonance, as in 2019 the “Yangan-Tau” Geopark was included in the UNESCO network of geoparks [18], with the probable silence of Ukrainian diplomats. Therefore, it is unfortunate that the systemic abuses of “Yangan-Tau” are of more interest to the public of Ufa [19] than to Kyiv.

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