Crimean social networks are actively discussing the completion of the “reconstruction” of the Yevpatoria’s “Palace of Sports”, for which in 2017–2020 the occupiers announced large-scale costs of the “federal target program”. At the same time, as it has now become clear, the “restoration” was reduced to the delivery of medium-quality sports equipment to the facility and to the plastic cladding of the Soviet-time “Palace” building, which, by the way, was continuously operating until 2014. Completions of dubious safety quality were also completed for this building.

At the same time, the residents of Yevpatoria were not surprised at all by the fantastic “expenses for the benefit of the Crimeans” or by the fact that the result of the “reconstruction” does not correspond at all to the pathetic project promoted by Russian propaganda since 2017. But the mourning color of the “reconstructed” building chosen by the occupiers did not leave anyone indifferent. However, as local residents write on social media, they should be glad that around the “Palace” at least not cut down trees,  and that the “restoration” is finally completed and the object, which stood due to fake “need for reconstruction” from 2015, will start working somehow.