In social networks of the Crimea local residents discussed the transfer on April 2, 2021 by Russian invaders the military equipment, in particular – several missile complexes “Bal” (“SSC-6”, “GRAU 3K60”) from the Saksky District to Simferopolsky one by the “P 25” road.

Residents of Saky town and of the nearby villages also point out that the traditional exercises of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation have not only become more intensive now, but have also changed the usual trajectories and routes of their “training flights” just above the roofs of Crimean homes.

At the same time just today, on April 2, according to Ukrainian expert Oleksander Kovalenko, the US Air Force unmanned aerial vehicle “RQ-4A Global Hawk” monitored the occupied Crimea, passing over the Black Sea near the coasts of Saksky, Simferopolsky, Bakhchisaraysky districts of AR Crimea and of Sevastopol.