In March 2021, Yevpatoria residents began to vividly discuss on social networks the announced demolition of the remains of the “Moinaky” mud baths located in a park on the shore of the lake of the same name. The demolition is accompanied by the sawing off of most of the perennial parklands. The official goal of such “transformations” was proclaimed by the occupation administration to create a “unique rehabilitation center for children” within the framework of the “federal target program” [1].

This idea of a “rehabilitation center” in Yevpatoria has been actively lobbied by the Speaker of the Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko since 2015. At the same time, the formation of a “center” was first announced on the seashore, in the Yevpatorian village Zaozernoye, on the basis of two sanatoriums, “Chaika” and “Brigantina”, seized by Russia in 2014 from the Ukrainian owners [2].

Residents of the town, who have already gained experience of “the happiness of the Russian world”, are sure that the project of this center consists of two real components – the successful “assimilation of federal funds” and the development for Matviyenko of her own Crimean “feod”, in the form of a villa next to her “elite” high-rise buildings for the Russian colonialists. Obviously, for Madam Speaker, within the framework of the real Russian “table of ranks”, there was no place closer, than the steppe Yevpatoria, to the current “marks” of the masters of Russia on the Southern coast of Crimea. However, as they say, “at least – something”.

At the same time in Zaozernoye for “Valka-Glass”, as her fellow senators call the Russia’s Senate Speaker, an “unexpected problem” arose in the form of an apartment building, built there before 2014, and located right between two sanatoriums intended for the future Mrs. Matviyenko’s estates. Its demolition would obviously lead to the need to put fifty families somewhere, for which the Speaker of the Federation Council, as the head of an fictitious institution in Russian realities, turned out to have too little “administrative resource”. Therefore, in 2018, it was announced that the project of the “recreation center” will be moved from the seashore to the once curative Moinaky Lake.

The word “once” is actually the key one in this story, since the well-known in Soviet times mud baths “Moinaky” was already completely depleted to 1991, due to the practically industrial volume of the fifty-year “recovery of Soviet citizens”. Therefore, the subsidiary enterprise of Ukraine trade-unions’ owned “Ukrprofzdravnitsa” corporation, “Mud Baths Moinaky”, tried for a long time to work on mud, which was imported from other Crimea’s Lake Saky, but this did not have commercial success.

Since 2007, Moinaky have been mothballed, but at the same time the authorities and the owner ensured not only the safety of the facility, but also the inviolability of the park, as one of the key green areas of the town. Due to the location of the object in the first security zone of the resort, under the “criminal and corrupted” Ukraine’s authorities, it did not become anyone’s private property, not a single tree of it was cut down until 2014. The first “villas” of the local collaborators as new “masters of life” appeared near the lake in about 2017.

It is noteworthy that in 2018, when the project of the “federal rehabilitation center” was moved from Zaozernoye to Moinaky, “by a strange coincidence” a large-scale fire occurred in the buildings of the mud baths [3], after which this resort enterprise was not subject to restoration under any circumstances. Although, it would seem, capital structures could come in handy for the “rehabilitation center” – if really it was about center, and not about the “foreman Matviyenko’s” skyscrapers.

Also, for the “rehabilitation center” the occupants allotted the territory of the former sanatorium “Batkivshchyna” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine adjacent to the Moinaky mud baths. At the same time, it is kept silent that, unlike Moinaky, “Batkivshchyna” as of the beginning of 2014 worked quite well and even bought new medical equipment [4].

The specificity of this unique health resort was in the treatment of children with serious neurological diseases and upper respiratory tract injuries, which was facilitated by the location of the sanatorium in the center of Moinaky Park, near the lake. In particular, “Batkivshchyna” until 2014 was a unique place where they successfully fought with cerebral palsy of Ukrainian children [5].

In 2014, the “nationalized” “Batkivshchyna” was transferred to the “ownership” of the “Republican Ministry of Economic Development” by the invaders. The occupants “developed” the sanatorium so “successfully” that as of 2020 it was in a state of “liquidation”. This was extremely predictable, since since 2015 the stolen “Batkivshchyna” was able to conclude a “treatment agreement” exclusively with state structures of social development and social insurance of the Arkhangelsk and Kemerovo regions of the Russia for a modest 4.8 million rubles, and for another 1.4 million “Batkivshchyna” rendered services “for budgetary funds” to the Crimeans [6].

It is interesting that Yevpatorian chess player Nikolai Papenin was appointed by Russina invaders as the head of the “liquidation commission” for “Batkivshchyna” to the obvious role of “fuchs” for further jail “for abuses”. It is noteworthy that the same Mr. Papenin also became the fake “director” of another Yevpatoria’s sanatorium “Priboy”, stolen from Ukraine’s “Ukrprofzdravnitsa” [7], where “liquidation due to unprofitability” is also expected soon, followed by the construction of the private high-rise buildings. In the meantime, on the basis of “Priboy”, the invaders are deploying (primarily on paper about “budget expenditures”) a “rehabilitation department” for patients with coronavirus [8].

After the announced transfer of the “rehabilitation center” to “Moinaky”, the Yevpatorian residents hoped that this case would be limited to “the fruitful usage of federal funds” on the basis of “Batkivshchyna”, with the preservation of the park and the functions of the sanatorium. But the current work started in Moinaky Park has shown that instead of a unique medical institution for disabled children, first of all, “elite” high-rise buildings will be erected on the basis of the resort area.

Now local residents hope that at least the remains of the park, where children with very serious illnesses once recovered, will be preserved around the Speaker Matvienko’s future private villa. After all, these trees have now become the last green massif of the city, not destroyed since 2014.

It is also characteristic that according to the “Russia’s” “master plans” the development of Moinaky “elite housing” from Matviyenko will be both on the “territory of the town of Yevpatoria” and “within the village of Uyutnoe”, where Elena Osadchaya is now working as “head of settlement”, and her native sister is sad famous Natalia Poklonskaya. You can be sure that these ladies will fruitfully work together in the “noble cause” of personal “financial recovery” on someone else’s grief.

Borys Babin