On March 30, an international online Round table “Russian Influence on the Situation in Moldova: Political and Security aspects” was held. Diplomats, parliamentarians and experts from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova took part in the event to discuss the acute challenges of Russian aggression and ways to counter them. In particular, in his speech, expert Mykhailo Samus expressed the opinion that “the issue of electricity, economic activity, smuggling Moldova with Ukraine can be solved very quickly, creating problems for those economic organisms that allow Transnistria to continue to function and create problems for Moldova and Ukraine.”

As an effective, according to the expert, method against the aggressor, an example of cutting off the water supply of the occupied Crimea was given. As Mykhailo Samus noted on this issue, “for Russia it is a dilemma – to launch a large-scale operation and run into the next sanctions and lose tens of thousands of people or try to use other tools. In any case, Ukraine has received a trump card with which we can work with Russia and the international community. The same should be done with regard to Transnistria”. According to expert Samus, both Ukraine and Moldova should form bilateral projects, “and thus we will have trump cards in negotiations with Russia and the occupied territories” [1].

1. https://www.ukrinform.ru/rubric-presshall/3215946-rossijskoe-vlianie-na-situaciu-v-moldove-politiceskij-i-bezopasnostnyj-aspekty.html