The “ARC” experts, in framework of the report’s preparation on the states’ response to climate changes for the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council, sent the submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to development, Ambassador Saad Alfarargi. The submission of “ARC” describes the situation of the water crisis in Crimea, caused by the consistent negligent behaviour and by the openly illegal and criminal actions of the Russian “authorities” on the peninsula.

In addition to the well-known factors of the relocation of hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens to the peninsula and of its militarization, which were carried out contrary to the objective situation of the arid region under global warming, the Special Rapporteur’s attention was drawn by “ARC” to a number of special circumstances. In particular, the “ARC” submission points to the negative role of the two powerful thermal power plants, built by the Russia’s “administration” on the peninsula in 2015-2019 for the climate change and, accordingly, in global warming conditions.

The “ARC” also drew the Special Rapporteur’s attention to the complete removal the Crimea’s residents by the de facto “authorities” from discussing and approving any decisions on infrastructural changes on the peninsula, including the power plants, the chemical industries, the desalination plants, the additional artesian wells, the unreasonable water pipelines, etc.

The submission, with more than thirty “ARC” materials annexed, devoted to the Russia’s negligent and predatory attitude to the Crimea’s environment and sustainable development, irrefutably proves the absence of any international standards in the Crimea, ensuring the right to sustainable development on the current peninsula, in particular for vulnerable and discriminated groups, such as indigenous peoples and ethnic Ukrainians.