In March 2021, the Yevpatoria’s inhabitants witnessed the mass trees felling in the central seaside park, “Kurzal”. Such destruction of one of the key recreation places is carried out for the subsequent attractions’ placement by the «Park “Zabava”» company of Sergei Kabachok, who is a business partner and godson of Roman Tikhonchuk, the current “mayor” of Yevpatoria. In 2020, this “business idea” was slowed down to some extent due to the expected “removal” of Tikhonchuk in favor of the mafia group of Leonid Mykhailyuk, head of the Federal Security Service’s “Crimean Depatment”.

But, as “ARC” has already reported, Tikhonchuk has now “strengthened his hardware position” and was able to “find common ground” with “Head of the Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov on many commercial issues. Consequently, Tikhonchuk’s clients have now “raised their heads” in the matter of “development of resort’s lands” and, accordingly, in the destruction of the “cursed Ukrainian heritage”, in the form of perennial plantations. It will be recalled that the first trees on the site of this park were grown in 1914 on the Mlyrynych’s estate, and several hectares of green stock, which are destroyed now, have been planted since 1958. The last time such large-scale losses of Yevpatoria’s perennial plantations occurred during the Second World War.