“ARC” has repeatedly mentioned the Crimean “blogger” Oleksandr Talipov, who is controlled by one of the Russian secret services’ groups, in its news and analytical materials. In particular, Talipov’s connections with the odious Oleg Tsarev and his usage by the Russians to throw “compromising information” about certain collaborators in order to incite them against each other were noted.

But now Mr. Talipov himself has become the subject of coverage and ridicule of Russian propaganda. After all, another “blogger” from Feodosia, Olena Bobkina, who previously worked in the Kyiv show business, told about his clumsy sexual harassment of at least two persons. Ms. Bobkina posted these “fried” facts, supported by photos and screenshots of correspondence, not only on her own social media pages, but also in detail in a long video interview with Oleg Kryuchkov, the “general producer” of the “Krym” TV and Radio Company.

At the same time, such a specific topic was immediately picked up by “federal” publications, in particular by the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, controlled by the Russian military intelligence. We will add that earlier information was spread repeatedly in the Crimea about Bobkina’s specific approaches to “information service” of the “Crimean politicians”, which allegedly had several various commercial dimensions.

Thus, the war between groups of the Russian state mafia and Crimean collaborators under its control continues. But under any circumstances, the “moral qualities” of the relevant executors of the Kremlin’s orders are obvious.