Facilitating the annual report to the UN General Assembly preparation, the Association’s experts responded to a Questionnaire from the UN Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of All Human Rights by Older Persons, Ms. Claudia Mahler, on human rights for older women.

The Association’s Response to the UN Expert described the systemic discrimination in Crimea against elderly Crimean Tatar women, including members of the families of political prisoners and of victims of the Russian agression. The Responce showed the inhuman nature of the Russia’s punitive “authorities” activities on the peninsula, on the example of the death of the authoritative 73-year-old Crimean Tatar activist Veciye Qaşqa during her “arrest” in 2017 by the Russian “security forces”.

In the Response, the experts paid special attention to the risks for older women due to the activities of the criminal group in Crimea within the system of “health insurance”, in the form of “Krymmedstrakh” “enterprise”, linked together with “officials” and common criminal structures in real estate seizure mechanisms for patients, who die in Crimean hospitals without proper care. On the example of the 82-year-old Ukrainian language female teacher from Yalta, who died in such way in December 2020, experts also showed the attempts of the leaders of the occupation administration to use such human tragedies for self-publicity propaganda.

The Response pointed to UN Expert on the negative role, played by the Ukrainian culture’s liquidation on the peninsula since 2014, including the destruction of the Crimean Academic Ukrainian Musical Theater’s repertoire. It was pointed out that older women in Crimea are completely excluded from any decisions’ making processes, regarding their rights and status, and that there are no true statistics on the mortality of older Crimean women in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The information of the Ukraine’s Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language and the Crimean Tatar Resource Center was used by ARC to inform the UN Independent Expert.