The Association’s experts conducted a case study on the violation of the Ukrainian citizens’ personal and labor rights by the Russian de-facto “authorities” in Crimea, the results of which were presented to Professor Tomoya Obokata, UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Including its Causes and Consequences. This study provides statistics on the Ukrainian citizens’ forced deportations from the Crimea and gives the examples of the such acts’ usage in Russian state propaganda.

Experts argue that the “illegal” work of Ukrainian citizens in the Crimea, under constant threat of their arbitrary deportation, is thus carried out without any guarantees from unscrupulous employers who abuse the situation, and therefore is a specific modern form of fundamental labour human rights’ gross violation. The materials were provided to the Special Rapporteur in the framework of the preparation of the UN thematic report “The Nexus between Forced Displacement and Contemporary Forms of Slavery”