The Technical University of Berlin specifically denied the report on its alleged cooperation with the “Sevastopol State University”, posted on the “official website” of the latter.

As “ARC” has already reported, the President of Ukraine issued a decree on February 19, № 64, adopted in the framework of the fight against terrorism and money laundering, and imposed sanctions on such “educational institution” as the so-called “Sevastopol State University” created by the Russian invaders [1]. This structure was “formed” in October 2014 on the basis of educational institutions of Ukraine and of their property, seized by the aggressor State [2]. Among other things, “Sevastopol State University” actually controls and uses for unknown purposes, secretly from the IAEA, a nuclear reactor, seized in 2014, which belongs to Ukraine.

At the same time, “Sevastopol State University” stated that it allegedly had a number of foreign “partners”. Among them, the university’s website listed not only the intelligence and sabotage structures of “Russian humanitarian cooperation” in third countries, but also a number of real educational institutions located in Austria, China, Greece, Iceland, Jordan, Morocco and Germany. Among others, such a respected European educational institution as the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) was mentioned as an allegeldly “university’s partner” [3].

Therefore, as “ARC” have already informed readers, after the sanctions’ imposition by Decree № 64, we separately informed all educational institutions of third countries mentioned on the “Sevastopol University’s” website, that they were declared as allegedly “partners” by a structure, for which participation in terrorist financing was proved, also as in the money laundering and in the uncontrolled usage of nuclear reactors contrary to international law.

Today, the “Association of Reintegration of Crimea” received an official letter from Dr. Ulrike Hillemann-Delaney, Director of International Affairs at the Technical University of Berlin. Letter states, that the Technical University of Berlin has no cooperation with the “Sevastopol State University” and Dr. Hillemann-Delaney expresses her gratitude to the “ARC” for reporting that such information (false and fraudulent as we see) was posted on the “Sevastopol official website”. The letter states that the Technical University of Berlin will immediately request that the relevant information be removed from the website of the “Sevastopol University”.