Due to the “staff turnover”, the Russian inviders decided to bring the odious former policeman Oleg Kozyura from Feodosia closer to the “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev in Sevastopol. Kozyura is being considered for the “position” of the “Commissioner for the Protection of the Sevastopol Entrepreneurs’ Rights”. A decade ago, the head of the Feodosia Town Police Department, Oleg Kozyura, became a scandal’s participant. He was accused of being engaged exclusively in the elite villa construction in Koktebel for the “Makiivka” General Anatolii Mohyliov, instead of Kozyura’s own law enforcement activity [1].

Interestingly, that in addition to building a 250.000 USD villa for for the future Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kozyura also became an active participant in a special operation to prepare the Russian military invasion of the peninsula. For this, the invaders awarded him in 2014 by the extremely lucrative job as “Head of the Federal Migration Service for the City of Sevastopol”, where he oversaw the mass issuance of legally null and void “Russian passports” [2], including on a purely commercial basis.

As “ARС” has already pointed, the “passport certification of Crimean residents” brought millions of dollars to the main perpetrators of this fraud. It became a kind of payment by the aggressor State to some Ukrainian law enforcement officers, who went over to the inviders’ side for their betrayal [3]. The current appointment of the honored builder of general’s dachas, of the venerable “passports’ disseminator” and of the person, involved in the sanctions’ lists of the European Union and the United States [2], of the character, who has done a lot for the Crimean entrepreneurship’s disappearance in general, looks like an excellent illustration of the seventh anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Also, such “unsinkability” of the “Makiivka” General’s protege additionally proves that the role of Anatolii Mohyliov in the tragic events of 2014 was not at all the same, as the pro-Russian propagandists are trying to portray.

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