On February 18, 2021, the Russian invsaders “established” a new “municipal property directorate” in Yalta, which is planned to be used for a new wave of raids on land and real estate on the Southern coast of Crimea. Such “events” were initiated by Kovalchuks, friends of Russian President, and the particularly toxic “officials” were made as their perpetrators.

The urgent “registration” in Yalta of this “municipal autonomous institution”, the “City Property Directorate” (“DGI”) [1], indicates the occupiers’ intentions to solve three important tasks for them. The first two of them are purely practical: to structure in one hand the Yalta assets and the lands and objects selected in the course of the next “nationalization” from the written-off collaborators. The third goal is to experiment with a more rigorous “city-corporation” model. It will be recalled that Kremlin used the current Crimea as a “gray zone” with a disenfranchised population, for the experienced testing ground for social engineering. Everyone could see this by watching Russia’s “vote on stumps” for a “Zero Constitution” in 2020, which exactly copied the model of the phantom “March 16, 2014 referendum”, tested in Crimea.

The first task is to concentrate all “municipal property” under the leadership of personally loyal “officials”, who are heavily dependent on the Kovalchuks’ clan. Dozens of various “municipal unitary enterprises”, “state institutions” and others were founded by the invaders in Yalta during last seven years. These are housing offices, “Zelenbud”, boiler houses, elevator services, public transport, settlement centers, drug dispensary, city boarding house, and so on [2] in tens of millions of rubles.

These functionaries, with their simple schemes, not only stoled for themselves and their surroundings all the years of occupation, but they also regularly brought kickbacks to the “Head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov. But since now there is “no money” for the aggressor State, as “it is necessary to be patient, we should unite around the national leader and help his friends to cope with the sanctions’ pressure”, and therefore all Yalta city enterprises and related finances with the help of “DGI” now will come under the personal control of the Kovalchuks’ clan.

This will be the realization of the famous thesis, conveyed by Kovalchuks to the Yalta “deputies” through the “mayor” Pavlenko: “you are f….g no longer needed here”. The invaders do not consider the possible indignation of those persons “cut off from theis feeders” as a threat, because in seven years they have been tainted by dozens of actions that are interpreted as serious articles of any criminal law – both real and “Russian”. And nobody takes seriously these collaborators in the Russian Federation, as the people who betrayed the country, and even more, as the people, who are the opponents to Kovalchuks. However, in itself, Kovalchuks’ desire to profit no longer on the billion-dollar contracts of the Russian government, but on kickbacks from the Yalta “Zelentrest” is not as comical as it seems. After all, when “there is no money”, the dealers of such tailoring include a textbook rule “penny to penny”.

The second task of the Kovalchuks’ clan is to control the new wave of “nationalization” of the valuable assets of Greater Yalta, in order to “transform into ownership” of the Kovalchuks’ clan and of their fictitious figures. As “ARC” has already reported, in Crimea, the forced “re-registration” of legal documents in the “Russian registers” and “changes in the type of permitted land use” were specially violated, even in the form of fake “Russian laws” [3].

It was assumed that such land, real estate and businesses, at the “right time” and on formal grounds, “due to violations”, will be confiscated by “Head of the Crimea” Aksyonov’s groups and others collaboretors after their necessary “strengthening”. But something “went wrong” and now the same mechanism will indeed be implemented, but in the interests of stronger, Russian predators. Moreover, since the fall of 2020, the Kremlin has been conducting a campaign in Crimea to “degrease” the close associates of the “Head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov and to seize the assets of his group “Saylem” in the interests of people, close to Putin’s clan “Ozero”.

In Greater Yalta, dozens of apartments, land, shops, mini-hotels and other facilities of Anatoly Motlokhov and Igor Gutsalov, two now conflicting Aksyonov’s “gray cardinals”, are likely to be “confiscated”. This will be reflected in the propaganda as “the seizure of what was dishonestly gained through the abuse of trust of the Russian president”, although in fact just Kovalchuks will be the ultimate beneficiaries. A less capacious but interesting direction for the invaders’ second task is the seizure of the rest of the Ukrainian assets’ owners, that were not previously touched upon in the framework of backroom agreements. The example of a high-rise building in Parkove, which is being demolished, reminds us that any agreements with the Russians are insignificant [8].

The third task is to “clean up” the remnants of the middle class in a very difficult, disloyal to the occupiers and once prosperous city of Yalta, depriving even those who regularly paid tribute to the invaders and worked for them. The Russians want to run a tougher “state-corporation” model, where those who do not belong to the “new nobility”, are in principle excluded from the “recipients of the budget”, and where it is impossible to earn “legally” decent money outside the “budget system”.

It is significant that for this provocative and risky task, the occupiers attracted the most “smeared” performers. Yulia Amelchenko, who previously worked with Tamerlan Jazaev, became the “director” of the “DMI”. Jazaev is known for leading to the suicide of the former deputy mayor of Yalta, businessman Alexander Strekalin in 2016, and for dozens of raids with the beating of dissidents [5]. Jazaev is a representative of the Kabardino-Balkarian ethnic mafia group, with own relatives in the Moscow security forces.

Oksana Lakhina was made the chief of the “Department of Property and Land Relations”, to which “DGI” will be “subordinated” formally. Previously, she was the “Deputy Minister of Property and Land Relations” and she engaged in “nationalization” at the Crimean level. Among other things, she is a participant in the investigation, launched by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies into mass gangster seizures of Ukrainian property in the Crimea [7]. But since Lakhina is now apparently nowhere to run, the invaders involved her in the dirtiest work.

The mayor of Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko, who “commands this parade” has also become an extremely toxic “official” and a participant in several criminal proceedings, started by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. In particular, this concerns the looting of the unique collection of the “Massandra” winery, which belongs to Ukraine, and the bottles from which Pavlenko demonstratively opened for the Russian President and for his good acquaintance Silvio Berlusconi, a great friend of the minor Italian girls.

However, the occupiers’ “new nationalization” project is also an attempt to distract the population from the lack of water problem by “beating their own”. But in conditions of the intensification of the systemic crisis in Crimea, any invaders’ initiatives will foretell unpredictable results not in favor of the Kremlin from the very beginning. As for the recent Kovalchuks’ initiatives in Yalta, it was initially launched without two important conditions. In Crimea, the “hard vertical” of the aggressor is degrading, which allowed for the “nationalization” in 2014-2017, and for the total intimidation and deception of the local population is gradually passing.

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