Real Estate Agency “Smart-Invest”, which is a part of the commercial interests’ orbit of the “Head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, put up for sale the shopping center “Berg”, located in the center of Simferopol. This property is considered as the main public asset of the Aksyonov’s clan and associated “Saylem’s” gangsters. The intention to sell “Berg” indicates the possible end of Serhei Aksyonov’s “career” as an accomplice in the robbery of Crimea under the auspices of the Kremlin.

We will remind our readers, that the economy and market relations on the peninsula, in the normal sense of these concepts, do not exist any more under the conditions of the Russian invasion. Therefore, shopping malls, such as “Berg”, which belongs to the Aksyonov’s clan, are not trading enterprises in the normal sense of this phenomenon. This is not primarily a commercial enterprise, even controlled by the corrupt “officials”, but simply a financial “laundry” to launder the criminal proceeds. And here the general criminal technology, checked by the Crimean bandits, which came to “power”, is used.

Having captured the centers of the real economy of Crimea, the “Saylem” gang has been working on the “washing machine” scheme for many years. Boutiques and shops of the most expensive street in Crimea – the Yalta Embankment have long been used, with the help of space-level “rent”, to “launder” money by Russian criminals, and there huge sums were “scrolled” over the years. Sergei Aksyonov and his right-hand man, the future (and now former) “mayor” of Yalta, Andrei Rostenko, did the same in Simferopol before the occupation, with the help of the shopping center “Ocean”. At the same time, helping the Russian mafia to “launder” money there, they abundantly hid from the “senior comrades” the real amount of “scrolled” cash, which, among other things, caused scandals [1].

The “Berg” shopping center, located near the Crimean government building, has become a symbol of the Aksyonov clan’s power in the occupation hierarchy. Large sums, stolen as part of the “federal target program for the development of Crimea” were “laundered” in the heart of Simferopol, including through the “Berg’s” rental fraud. Thus, other participants in the Russian robbery of Crimea were shown the “status and level of Kremlin’s admission” for the Aksonov’s clan in terms of real financial transactions. By selling the “Berg”, [2] Serhei Aksyonov signals to his allies in Crimea and Moscow that his ability to cash in and to “launder” Moscow’s “federal investments” in Crimea is now limited severely. This may be a signal to Kyiv that the “Head of Crimea” is no longer allowed to the “serious issues” on the peninsula.

This is further evidenced by the financial crisis in Russia itself. There are no more funds to keep collaborators, and the feeder of “federal subsidies”, which has dried up, is no longer enough even for friends of the Russian president. Because of this, in Crimea, yesterday’s “heroes of the Crimean spring” are being actively robbed in favor of their “senior comrades” from the Kremlin, with the help of regular “landings” of Moscow punitive forces. Therefore, the sale of “Berg”, where the “cleansing of accounting” was obviously preceded by, also speaks of Aksyonov’s desire to hide from the Kremlin the real amount of looted and “mastered” during seven years of interstate conflict. This confirms that “crisis of relations” develops between Moscow and its puppets on the peninsula.