Already after the “ARC” publication on the “bankruptcy” threat of for the “administration” of Simferopol City, due to fraud with the buses’ “leasing” for more than 500 million rubles, it became known that the “mayor” Elena Protsenko “resigned voluntarily”. Such her “desire” suddenly arose after the “head of the Crimea” Serhiy Aksyonov’s statement regarding Protsenko, about “her team’s inconsistency with the goals that were set”. Contrary to the media hype, surrounding the “permutations”, the “release” of the odious “mayor” in Simferopol, distorted by the occupiers, has almost no effect. But at the same time, it speaks on increasing chaos and unresolved contradictions in the “Crimean government”.

Olena Protsenko will be remembered in Simferopol as the most colorful and outrageous character among the occupying “heads of administrations”. She is the wife of Anatoliy Protsenko, a former employee of the Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, who also served as the head of the City Department of Internal Affairs in Simferopol. There are reports about policeman Protsenko that he allegedly “fought hard” with the leader of the “Saylem” gang Serhiy “Voronok” Voronkov, was wounded and even after recovery got into a shootout with this gang’s members [1]. It is unclear why the invaders’ propagandists needed to spread such myths. After all, the real role of the “Saylem” group in the long-term preparation of a special operation for the attempted annexation of Crimea is well known [2].

Media reports that the daughter of Olena and Anatoliy Protsenko liked to “rest” in Simferopol nightclubs wearing the Ukrainian police officer form before the occupation, and that she ignored the road rules by elite SUV with impunity [3], and it reflects the good relations of Protsenko clan with “night masters” of the Crimea. Especially since Anatoliy Protsenko, who took place in the law enforcement agencies under the odious General Gennady Moskali (Linsky), then, under the Prime Minister of the A.R. of Crimea Anatoliy Mogilev, resigned from law enforcement agencies and joined “Chornomornaftogaz” state company. Then this structure, under the supervision of the odious General Shepel, became one of the shadow and financial centers for the preparation of the Russian special operation for the invasion to the Crimea.

Olena Protsenko herself made a career in the Crimean markets before the occupation. For this, the enemies nicknamed her “market maiden”, which did not prevent her to replenish significantly the family budget supervising the controlled trade, under the “roof” of a male police officer. With the Russian invasion started, “old friends” from the “Saylem” group “pulled up” a representative of the “verified” family to the role of the markets’ “supervisor”. At the request of Serhiy Aksyonov, Olena Protsenko became the “leader” of the “Krymkooptorg” association, which was seized by collaborators, and then she became the “director” of the Simferopol “municipal unitary enterprise” “Metrograd”. In this role, Protsenko collected tribute from entrepreneurs to the “black box” of the “Saylem” gang. It is noteworthy that the “director” Protsenko took the place “seated” before by Sergei Aksyonov himself, who went to the “promotion”. After all, the old-timers of the Crimean markets remember how the current “Head of the Crimea” regularly collected tribute in the Simferopol markets with a bat and firearms for several years.

The position of “mayor” in the system of “occupying powers” does not require even fake “elections”. That is why “city chiefs” in Crimea have been changing like gloves for the last seven years. But now, when the “authorities” for Simferopol have consistently “ended”, including a quiet thief, hated by Simferopol residents, – “mayor” in 2014-2017 Anatoly Bakharev, a militant of the “Saylem” gang, “mayor” in 2017-2018 Igor Lukashev, and “mayor” in 2018-2019 Natalia Malenko that started for “speaker” Volodymyr Konstantinov “black box” replenishment, exactky Olena Protsenko was “appointed” to the role of “mayor”.

By the fall of 2019, there was almost nothing to steal in Simferopol. Bribes for “solving” the issues of barbaric high-rise buildings have already been collected by predecessors, in the interests of the “head of the Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov and “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov, who has a serious influence in Simferopol. By 2019, Simferopol itself has finally become a gloomy post-apocalyptic spectacle, including through the “development” of billions of rubles from the Kremlin under the guise of “improvement”. Due to the mismanagement of the occupiers, the city was already suffocating from the multiplied in the geometric progression of communal problems and was in traffic jams because of the Russians, who came en masse to colonize the Crimea. Traffic jams have become a very clear indicator of invaders’ activity in Simferopol, as they are much worse in this city today with actual 500,000 residents and they are longer every day than, for example, in Kyiv on Friday evening or Monday morning.

It is clear that Protsenko was appointed by “head of the Crimea” Aksyonov to control the financial flows of Moscow’s depleted “subsidies”, also as the “local tributes”, and she was not going to do anything adequate for the city in principle. The invaders themselves wrote that Olena Protsenko came as a nominal “mayor” to sign “documents” in the personal interests of the sister of the wife of the “head of the Crimea”, Eugenia Dobryna, and of the bandit militant, and now “deputy”, Volodymyr Yablonsky. After the small clerks of the Simferopol “administration” began to be “searched” en masse by FSB “employees”, as part of the operation to “degrease” the Aksyonov’s clan, Olena Protsenko “went to the hospital” for a long time. Thus, it also eliminated for overcrowded Simferopol the problem of lack of water, created by the invaders’ mismanagement.

But Olena Protsenko was best remembered for the scandal, when her aforementioned daughter Arina was filmed in March 2020 for entertainment at a Kyiv nightclub. “Patriotic” Crimean media, according to the methods of the Russian special services, began to disperse the narratives “Does Protsenko have no Ukrainian passports? And is she suddenly not hostile to Russia?” [4]. This event does not cancel the Ukrainian law enforcement officers’ questions to Olena Protsenko, a longtime colleague of “Saylem”, but we will “pay tribute” to her daughter, who in one act crossed out all the long-term propaganda work of the Russians. The mayor’s daughter proved by her example, though not very moral, that the entertainment industry in the modern Crimea was so degraded that even such young people were forced to go to the capital of Ukraine.

The “reshuffle” in Simferopol is likely to affect Andriy Protsenko, a “deputy of the Yalta City Council” who is called a distant relative of the described “trade and police” Simferopol clan. Andriy Protsenko is at the same time an old colleague and accomplice of the bandit developer Dmytro Tyukayev [6]. Tyukayev, in turn, is under “investigation” and he was given to “food” by the Russian punitive forces by his patrons, ex-“mayor” of Yalta Andrei Rostenko and by “deputy” Kozenko. It is possible that Yalta “deputy” Andriy Protsenko, in the wake of the vagaries of the Simferopol relatives, has now overtaken retribution for racketeering, beatings and arson of other people’s property in the Tyukayev’s interests.

After Protsenko’s “resignation”, the candidacy of the “future” mayor is being discussed in Crimea. Telegram channels of Russian security groups, hostile to Sergei Aksyonov, predict this “position” for “head of the State Register” Alexander Spiridonov, or for “acting head of administration”, former Armyansk “mayor”, and then Sevastopol “official” Valentin Demydov, or for former “Deputy Prime Minister” Yulia Zhukova.

However, in the conditions of Russian interests’ total failure in the Crimea, of the communal collapse and of lack of water, it is unlikely that Aksonov’s gang members, known for their specific worldview, will go to the “mayors” of Simferopol. There is a very high probability that the next “mayor” will be demonstratively “arrested”, to cover up the next invaders’ miscalculations and machinations [5]. There are no financial prospects for the “mayor”, as Moscow does not give “federal money” “just as a gift” to anyone. And the remnants of the “local resource” are now being single-handedly taken away by the “Kaliningrad team” of Leonid Mykhailyuk, the “head” of the Federal Security Service’s “Crimean department”, known for the murders and looting.

In addition, the current mood of Crimean residents, suffering from water shortages, is extremely negative, regarding the Russian occupation. All the invaders’ representatives were noted for chronic bribery, extortion, outright unprofessionalism and undisguised “arbitrariness” against ordinary persons on the peninsula. Any “official” can be a victim of a spontaneous riot in this dynamic of events. More, the escape to the Ukrainian and even to the Moscow pre-trial detention center, during the deoccupation, will begin to look as the most attractive option for such characters.

Eugen Gaivoronsky