By the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Crimea, the call to the Crimean residents was posted on “Instagram” from the account of Sergei Aksyonov, the head of the invaders’ administration, to hold a massive flash mob with the hashtag “#крымроссиянавсегда” (“Crimea is forever with Russia”). Thus, the Kremlin’s puppets suggested to mark the fresh photos near the objects, built “after returning to their historical homeland”. The post was subjected to avalanche criticism even from the apolitical Crimean residents.

The accounts of the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov and of his colleagues in the inveders’ administration in large social networks like “Facebook” and “Instagram” are very important for the aggressor State. The presence of the pages of the “Crimean rulers” on conventionally western platforms allows Moscow to “increase the legitimacy” of the invaders in the eyes of the local population. This creates a kind of collision when “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Instagram” often ban users for statements that do not comply with their policies. But at the same time, these social networks have been tolerating accounts for almost seven years from which the “Crimean authorities” spread calls to incite interethnic hatred, to justify Russian state terrorism, aggression and human rights violations.

In this ambiguous situation, the Kremlin is very zealous for following pages on social networks such as “Sergei Aksenov”, literally as a “national treasure”. There is a very strict moderation on these pages; the slightest criticism against Putin, Russia and personally the “Crimean rulers” is immediately removed, its authors are banned immediately. Several dozen bots of the “Ministry of Internal Policy, Information and Communications” are constantly present in the comments of “Sergei Aksyonov”, which “communicate” with themselves and thus create the illusion of “general approval” of Aksyonov, of the Russian invasion and of the Russian president.

Therefore, the appearance in this post of the “head of the Republic of Crimea” of a mass of everyday criticism, which bots and account administrators could not cope with, says a lot. Let’s give the floor to the Crimean residents:

Officialallona: And I propose to take a picture with all the water bodies of the Crimea and with empty taps without water and with excellent water supply schedules;

Useinovlilia: They would decide with kindergartens, the turn will not come to the very marriage. We have nowhere to leave children to go to work;

Annabari89: Everything is fine, everyone is happy, but you can’t see how cities are changing, let alone villages. Fun! I suggest to take pictures on the background of new holes on the roads and on new way peeled facades (from the inside, of course);

Olga_patlachuk: In Klepinino, in the center of the village, a bench is the only thing that is new. There was any work, and still no. The entire Krasnogvardeisky District – who is where. If we compare the numbers, namely, the number of registered residents in the villages with the number of people actually living and the number of jobs, then it makes a stupid difference. There are examples when two thousand are registered in a village, and sixty jobs are a complete trash!

Kate.narushinskaia: In our village of Ordzhonikidze, you can take pictures only near the kindergarten in emergency. Some promises, but no action;

Baraban_d_v: I will hang your portrait in my village at the entrance and write everything that has been done for all the time. But such list will be empty. Until now, a child cannot get into a kindergarten from birth. And school is soon already;

Ja_kluch: …You need to plan competently the improvement in the city and think about convenience;

Rlideiv: And then they’ll jail us for an uncoordinated rally;

Nadenkahello: It would be better not to force ordinary people to suffer from higher prices for food and utilities (also ask citizens to remove snow and icicles from houses on their own). Can drivers go out and clear the tracks if they need to go somewhere? It is very scary and insulting that the Crimean government thinks only about personal well-being and pocket, and not about ordinary people who also want and deserve to live well and in prosperity! Not satisfied with the wages? Let’s fire you. Don’t want to be vaccinated by force? Let’s fire you. Not satisfied with not doing anything? Sit in silence. But it can not be so!

Nadenkahello: What should doctors and teachers do to not receive 12 thousand rubles each? How and what can they improve if for each of their dissatisfaction there is an immediate dismissal?

Lena_marata_68: And I feel sorry for Crimea, that’s why …

Bagirovskiy: Though stones from the sky …

Rim.1178: Not everything is so rosy. In the village of Frunze, the poultry house was closed, people were left without work. Once there was a state farm a millionaire, it was closed…. You chop off the branch on which you are sitting. Therefore, people are unhappy.

Borischebokha: Friend, I can send a photo to Evpatoria. 1. Tereshkova embankment. 2. Kindergarten Rosinka. 3. Shoe factory KRYMSHUZ. 4. Dairy. 5. Roads. 6. Facades of multi-storey buildings. 7. Mud baths MOINAKI. 8. Sewer pipes with the name ROTONDY on the Gorky embankment, which, due to moronic reconstruction, require annual cosmetic repairs. 9. Drain pits. 10. Palace of PIONEERS. 11. Elevator. 12. Garbage dumps. But I won’t send … I’m too lazy to climb and take pictures.

Elenarodina: How do you explain that Averbukh’s tent does not meet safety requirements? Yesterday it almost became a place of mass death of children! And 200 million budget rubles have been allocated for this?

Lekiori: Funny, rather # Putin_not_thief

Beliklenure:… when in the end they put a speed bump near the 12th school of Evpatoria. There is no longer enough strength to write. Not a single playground in our area, the kindergarten has begun to be built – it has been standing for a year without promotion. Why is everything to someone, but to someone shish with oil, some ruins near us. How long will this continue?

Masha_alimova_: For the 7th year we decided to make a present, take away from the people … Foros Park!!! Allowed on the construction site of the 6th and 8th floors of the hotel (this is not a reconstruction, this is a park development). …They deprived us of the right to freely visit the Foros Park, they are building it up and are going to divide it into two parts. Sign the petition.

34rusi: And I want to take a picture on Subhi Street in Simferopol, near a hole that is waist-deep.

Niki.ta898: Taking a picture near the gas pipeline in the Belogorsk region. We cry. We freeze.

Tusa0103: And we sit safely without water. …Hot water, as I understand it, you can not wait at all, basins and pots are our best friends. Certainly not this was expected after 8 years.

Denisdenisov868: By the way, Simferopol. If you drive through the center – so dirty and unkempt – kapets. (from the side of Zuya if you go to the Central market by circular).

Oksanamoultenlava: With the Foros park, which was bought out and pulled apart by pieces !!! In which there are incomprehensible buildings and relict trees felling. With a park, the entrance to which will be closed to everyone … whereas before, any person could walk in it and receive treatment.

Ksu_ksu_s: The Simferopol city administration, headed by Protsenko, fraudulently obtained signatures from the chairmen for the improvement of courtyards in a comfortable urban environment. These signatures are now used to report the work performed. The quality of the work is disgusting. The city administration would never legally receive these signatures from the chairmen! I ask you to understand and eliminate all comments in the repair of yards.

I.f.kuksa: Do you remember how … your friend G.Sh. Balabanov. I cleaned up the queue for apartments in the Staryi Krym, depriving me and my family of the right to housing as an officer of the USSR Armed Forces dismissed by redundancy … And you could not meet with me, did not notice the problem. You are not my brother.

Smm_insta_pro: I shall take pictures of a deceased business in the wholesale markets, near empty reservoirs, at wild prices in stores, I will take pictures on the background of poor people, dying due to lack of medicine. It will be good PR for [You] before the elections.

Hatipova_gulnara: How many schools have been closed in the villages.

Nur_ok82: Yes, it’s worth taking a picture near the playground, but that’s bad luck. There is not any playground, from the word at all.

The Ukrainians, forced to leave Crimea due to the occupation, suggested launching an alternative flash mob with the hashtag #КримцеУкраїна (“Crimea is Ukraine”) in the comments of the post of the “head of Crimea”. Surprisingly, for the first time in nearly seven years of occupation, this comment was not immediately removed.

The relation of the few bots of the invaders’ “Ministry of Truth” and of the “pro-government” commentators to the outraged Crimean residents was also characteristic this time. They communicated with people as with cattle: “why are you whining?”, “Ukrainians destroyed everything 23 years and You are not satisfied by the repairing”, “wait, You will get buildings faster that in other federal regions” “go solve your problems yourself”,”if you don’t like it – run into the independent [Ukraine]”,  and so on. This so-called “criminal rhetoric” and old manuals, that “Ukraine is to blame for everything”,when Ukraine has no access to Crimea for seven years, clearly illustrate the collapse of the invades’ information policy and do not need any additional comments.

It is also very revealing that critical remarks show live emotions and personally experienced situations. In the same time the posts of “Crimean officials” have stereotyped “approvals” as typical statements that appear under the posts of Russian officials using “copy and paste” technology, or simply emoticons in the colors of the Russian flag or in the form of approving gestures and mugs. That is so, when it is impossible to say and express something sincerely, in their own words about anything “good and festive” that Russia “brought to Crimea”. These users do not have a single lively positive emotion or remark; everything conditionally pro-Russian gives off an icy carrion and bureaucracy.

Apparently, on the anniversary of the official beginning of the occupation, Russian propagandists for the first time in 7 years will not be able to film bravura stories about Crimea. The very idea of “#крымроссиянавсегда” was convincingly rejected even by apolitical Crimeans.

Evgeny Gaivoronsky