Today’s morning, in occupied Crimea, the Russian FSB detained a Crimean Tatar woman who is a worker at Luhovsk Maternity Hospital, Lilia Yunusovna Reshidova. She was on duty that day. It is worth mentioning that the Kremlin’s powerbrokers detained the lady in Simferopol, as a witness on a ‘criminal case’ against other people, according to Art. 205.1.  

As Lilia’s barrister said, she has already been released without any accusations. She is a witness on the ‘criminal case’. Yet, it has not been clarified, who the criminal proceeding has been initiated against.  

Earlier, on the ARK site, they informed that the Crimean Tatar Resource Centre published an article with the analysis of human rights violations done in occupied Crimea, in January 2021. According to that report, 127 detainees have been registered for the period under review. 120 of them are the Crimean Tatars who are the persons allegedly involved in the criminal cases.